Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Quarter of a Century!!

On last May 3rd, I had turned 25. Wow, can u believe that it's quarter of a century? Though the numbers do scare me a bit but am utterly, utterly delighted! It has been a quarter-century milestone dat I've gained lots of experiences and lessons in every obstacles and tribulations of life. We learn every day aite? So, we should be happy and proud of ourself that we grow up through out the years. Birthday is always my favorite, with surprises, cakes, candles, well wishes and presents.. owh, am blessed! 

And am so overwhelmed with all the wishes given by everybody regardless the medium they use; Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, phone calls, email, etc. Thank you so much for made my day. You guys are AWESOME! 

Since Abang will be leaving a day before my birthday so, we had pre-celebration which are; the Mangrove Tour and Movie Outing that I had blogged earlier. I thought there will be no present from Abang this year cos I didn't saw Abang brought anything from KL dat looks like a present. Or perhaps, I overlooked. 

But am totally wrong when Abang left a present before he went back to KL. A big-huge-box! Am so shocked to look at the box cos I was expecting a perfume in a small-perfect-wrap as always . p/s: it has been perfume for 2 years in a row. lolol 

Everyone is making a guess what was in the box. Mama said; set of dishes, Adik said; set of camera and I have no guess at all. ngeee~ 

it looks bigger than in the picture, trust me.
And guess what??!! 

It's GUESS!! 

Neway, someone has questioned the originality of this handbag in my Facebook right after I posted the picture. I dunno how to react though. Nak gelak guling-guling pun ada. Nak marah pun ada. Don't get me wrong. I'm not mad cos I've been affected. But am mad cos I dun wanna Abang get hurt because of that kind of stupid question. It's a birthday gift, hello?? Is there anyone will question the originality/quality of the present if someone gives for your birthday? Really? What kind of attitude is that? Rude. Yes, RUDE. Tak tahu la pulak if mmg ada orang mcm tue kan. Kalau ada, I feel sorry for them. Kesian sebab tak cukup didikan. 

Tak pernah pulak saya persoalkan originality atau kualiti sesuatu hadiah yang saya dpt daripada orang. For me, tak perlu kot. Orang da bagi pun da besar tuah. Da ckup bersyukur. Tanda orang ingat and hargai kita. Kalau ada orang yg tanya mcm tu, tanda diorang tak tahu nak bersyukur. Kan?

Tak kira hadiah tu mahal, murah, kecik atau besar, I always appreciate them. You can see in ma bedroom that I still keep every single little things given from people. Walaupun benda tue cuma lilin berbentuk bunga RM2.90. Walaupun benda tue cuma Frame kecik berharga RM5.90. Walaupun benda tue cuma kad Happy Birthday RM1.90. I'm still keeping them. 

And Abang always gives me hadiah since I was 5. You know masa zaman sekolah rendah dulu ada gerai which we call it 'kedai tikam' where we can get mainan bila bayar 10sen / 20sen. So, whenever Abang dpt cincin mainan, gelang tgn mainan, gula-gula, Abang mesti bawa blk gave them to me. And I'll be the most happier little girl bila Abang blk sekolah. Sebab boleh dpt hadiah. teheeee~ =DD

To my handsome Abang, thanks for the gift. I was stunned! You should have seen my face. The gorgeous Guess handbag was a welcome surprise! I really appreciate it. In sya Allah, if rezeki Akak murah tahun depan, Akak kasi hadiah paling masyuk kt Abang ea. (^_^)v Love you big bro! *hugs*


  1. sayang! agree with you. its rude to questioned the originality!

    asalkan org bagi kita hadiah, its more than enough right? :)

  2. damn right! juz imagine we are in d same boat. when we give present and they question us back like,"ori tak nie?" how does it feels? confirm sentap kn.. ntah papew la owg tue. sigh.

  3. hmmm..klu aq mmg dh kaw2 manusia tuh kena balik..owh damn!! aq de story nk cta kt hg..tapi....hmmmmmm..susah ny bila jarak berbatu2..tak terbilang bp bijik batu daaaaa..

  4. sangat2 setuju.. org da bagi kan buat apa nak pertikai2 kan lagi.. typical malay betul. Yg mahal ta semestinya elok dan yang elok xtak semestinya mahal.

  5. shawty: aku lupa nk share diz story mse on d fon ngan ang.. huhu.. minta ampun. ;p

    mrsfarahzaki: kaaaaaan.. feel sorry for them indeed.

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  8. (T_T) hukkkkk~ majuk ah ding dong~