Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Avengers with Brothers

Am honestly not a big fan of comic characters. Well, basically am ain't a comic reader. But I dunno how I got attached with those comic movies from Marvel. I could say that I do keep track all their movies. Almost all of them.  

And The Avengers? How can I miss them? It is a must watch movie for this year ogey! And what makes it perfect is when you go watch with your siblings; the brothers! 

Only four of us went out for movie while Mama and Abah had farewell dinner for one of their staffs. And the ticket was Abang's treat. ngehngeh~ Luv you lah Abang!! *hugs*

And this is my fave line in The Avengers between Captain America and Iron Man;

"See, take off your suit and what are you?"

"A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.." 

trolololol!!! It is damn hilarious especially when Thor is laughing. He's so cute! 

I dunno what happened to their hair.
It looks so funny though.

Thanks to the big guy, my only Abang!

Love you mucho!!!

p/s: Think my adik wore wrong shirt's theme that night. ngehngeh~


  1. saya pon dah tgk... mmg best cerita ni... Iron Man yg plg saya suka, dia mmg jenis xserius tpi sngt hensem!!!

  2. Ahaa so cute when siblings watch cinema together! :)

  3. Srikandi Utara: yeap2!! he's so funny and cool among of other heroes. me love him too!! ;)

    Ardini Izzati: hehe.. maybe u can try it too.. *wink*

  4. Trailer Iron Man 3 dah klua! Nampak macam teruk kali ni Tony Stark kena. Siap masuk spital lagi. Rumah tepi lautnya pon hancus kena tembak. Collection armornya habis terbakar. Babak-babak last seolah-olah menunjukkan Tony Stark/Iron Man akan mati...

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