Thursday, September 27, 2012

In the wrong line?

This morning I have no big - hearty - breakfast since Mama's not around. And so, am deciding to have a breakfast in the office. As am holding Evian and a packet of Nesvita walking to the pantry and passing by customers in the counter; someone had approached me, 

"Hey, you are in the wrong line"

A-so-called-friendly-customer I believe. 

"Excuse me?"

Truly cos I had no idea at all what he's saying. And he replied,

"You shouldn't be here. You're supposedly be a model."


Don't worry. Am about to quit. 


  1. haha!! told ya!!
    kan dh kena stepek!! jd mudel jela wea!! payment byk wo!! bape kali aq ckp, aq willing jd PA hg!! degil!!

  2. npew die ckp cmtu sis? sbb sis pgg evian kew?

  3. Supposedly u gave such a big smile~ Compliment tu~! :)

  4. yat: hahaha.. meih tlg aku cari modelling agency satu.. aku tkot kna reject ja.. ngeee~ ;p

    anon: erk, perhaps.. kekeke

    khalilah: i speechless time tue.. otak x sempat nk comprehend.. huhu..