Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Quality Time

Finally, I can blog again after almost a week Streamyx buat hal.. And today diorg ada inisiatif to come and fix it! grrrrrr. 

It's normal for Dean's family to have this kind of ritual when we all gather; holiday, shared meal and of course catching up stories while watching telly. muahaha..

Since Abang came back for few days, Mama made a plan for us to go for Mangrove Tour (also known as Kilim Geoforest Park). Believe me that Langkawi has so many places to be explored. And we're trying to accomplish our mission in discover the beauty of Langkawi before moving out next year. Tak sedar da 25 tahun tinggal disini. Sobss. 

Thank God the day was all bright and sunny. We really enjoy the trip and of course appreciate the precious time in the spirit of one family. *wink*

This time I chose to wear long sleeves.
Traumatic to get sunburn again. lol

In the terminal; The Dean's

One love!

Romantic Couple; Mama & Abah
Mama with her gorgeous sun hat.

You are allow to skip this picture.
Arrived in Gua Kelawar / Bat Cave

Heading to next destination which is; Sangkar Ikan

We are so lucky to get the VIP service when we can request where we want to stop. And so, we decided to swim in Pantai Pasir Panjang because of the privacy and of course; the amazing blue seawater!

The blue ocean

The brothers had so much fun ha.

I believe they really enjoy the water!

Thanks to these two people who always making time for us.
Love you, Abah & Mama


  1. owh..one happy family..
    lamanya x vacation dgn family..u buat i rindu la pulak...huhuhuhu

  2. nice trip there, long tome not been in langkawi, should be grateful u got the time... btw, long time also not be here read ur updated... its good when u hepi, the world would be hepi.

  3. Ardini: come2.. holiday kt Langkawi.. =))

    Wira Nordin: hehe.. nti bla jpa family, arrange one trip with them aite! ;)

    Amer: thanks ya!! senang2 dtg la langkawi.. :)