Saturday, October 1, 2016

Little One Number Two

Alhamdulillah we're expecting second child and it has been 20 weeks plus now which I've passed and done with the first trimester challenge. Yay!! 

This pregnancy has been such a smooth one so far and way better than I had with Eris Raissa. My morning sickness was not as tough as with Eris that I only felt nauseous when in the shower while experiencing common symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness (sometimes), leg cramps and of course mood swings. haha Other than that, I was just alright. =)

We didn't really prepare anything yet but in sha Allah, would likely to start it properly once we know the baby's sex. In the meantime, we both are trying to give extra attention to Eris Raissa that soon she's going to be a sister.  However, having said that, I could promise that the love would never be varied from one another. ;) 

Do pray for our little family and this little angel in there right! 


Friday, August 19, 2016

His 31st Birthday

Think I'm getting better in doing surprise particularly to my husband. Well, based on numbers of failure record to surprise him, guess this time - I nailed it! hehe

So, he's been asking me to accompany him to 'uptown' to find new sunglass for quite some time. But due to time constraint, we couldn't be able to go and he has to still wearing his 'pasar malam' one. 

And that's how the idea of 'what to buy for his birthday' came out. 

I wanted to buy it online (hoping that I would get a better price) but considering the risk of its condition and quality, I've changed my mind. 

I knew that my husband loves Oakley but never knew that they have so many types of it - Frogskins the only type I know. hahaha

Bought it a month before his birthday and the safe place that I could think to keep it, is in my handbag. Alhamdulillah, selamat dan tak kantoi selama sebulan dalam handbag tu. Tehee!

Traditionally, what makes my surprise come to naught is because of the birthday cake. 

So, this time I decided to give the birthday cake during our short vacation - it's a weekend getaway cum his birthday treat. 

I've made special request while made online hotel booking. I also have called the hotel a day before we arrive to ensure that they are aware and prepare things that I've requested. 

However, when I check with the front desk while check-in, they said they were not informed about it. sigh. 

But thank God they were kind enough to prepare it in the very last minute. 

Alhamdulillah, all's well that ends well. I'm so happy to see his smile and the taste of success to finally surprise him is the best feeling ever! =D

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mr. Charles & Keith

My birthday was on last May 3.  
I didn't really expect any surprises from husband but yeah, since it's the 4th year celebrating my birthday with him, 
I can tell you his gift is so predictable; 
Charles & Keith.

Here's why --



Hence, despite 'Incik Pensyarah', he definitely will be remembered as 'Mr. Charles & Keith' for a long time in my life. 
And let's just wait and see for next year either it will be another Charles & Keith handbag or what? 

Dear Incik Penysarah, 
Though the presents are very typical and classic, 
you just always have a knack for choosing the ideal one for me.
Thank you for your generosity, thoughtful and practical gifts.
I love you.

Proud wife 
(Like seriously PROUD)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Part 1: Property Virgin

I bought my first house when I was working in Langkawi back in 2014. I didn't really plan to buy property in Langkawi since my husband is in Puncak Alam. So, we're basically look forward to buy our home in Selangor/Putrajaya. 

But, I guess, it's my rezeki to get the opportunity to buy a house in Langkawi since it's actually an offer from my previous company selling their asset (house) at a very low price - it is one of staffs' privileges. 

After discussed with husband and my parents, they said "why not". So yeah, I bought that house as an asset and we're planning to make it as a homestay. Homestay in Langkawi? Ka-ching! ka-ching! ka-ching!

However, due to some unexpected circumstances that we have to use the 'modal'/money for other important things (priority-wise), we end up rent the house. 

After a year plus now, staying and living together with my husband in Selangor, my parents urged me to buy our own house instead paying the rent for RM900 per month. They see it as a huge waste of money to spend on rent. 

I do and totally agree with my parents (my mom specifically whom very persistent pushed me) to buy our own house but considering the house price in current market particularly in Selangor/Putrajaya area which is VERY VERY VERY high, I need more time to survey and ensure that we (hubs and I) not spending so much money for our dream home. 

So, there's one day the ad of 'selling-property' pop-up in my Facebook which surprisingly I found the price is within our budget. And as much as I thought it was nothing more than just a scam but still, I without delay filled the form given. 

And the day after, the agent called me.

He asked and gave us 3 days to pay RM10k for the booking fees.


RM10,000.00 to just BOOK that house!!! Otherwise, we'll going to lose it.

So, here are the tricks;
  1. Don't get panic
  2. Don't get over-excited
  3. Don't rush
  4. Don't fool yourself

We talked and shared with lots of people (i.e.: family, friends and of course our neighbor too)

Apparently, it is not something unusual or strange to pay RM10k for the booking fees because it depends on the; 
1) house price and 
2) developer

So, what we did was; we went to the developer's office to get the confirmation and figure out either the project is truly exist. 

Fortunately, they do have the project and not launch it yet. (well, that supposed to mean - you have the ADVANTAGE!)

*Info sharing: The price before launch day is cheaper than after

After long discussion and talk with the developer, we somehow have agreed to buy that house. Gulp!

And now, we've gone through (not even half of the process yet) the following steps; 
  1. Choose/select the house lot - corner of course
  2. Pay the booking fees - RM10k to the developer by bank draft
  3. (After launch) Pay 10% deposit from the house price - which in our case, RM10k have deducted from the 10% deposit and just pay the balance of it. 
  4. Sign the S&P
  5. To receive S&P copies for the next step; to apply home loan. (And here, we are now)

In the meantime, let's pray the process of our home loan goes smoothly and successfully approved. Aminnnnn.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

13 Feb 2016

Eris has turned 1 year old and 2 months already. 

We, tbt, have delayed her birthday celebration a month late. :D :D :D

But, I hope the theme of 'little angel' is worth the wait because she absolutely looks admiringly cute that I will never forget in my entire life! Oh, baby... how time flies..
*happy tears*


And this video (that I've made few months before her birthday) is special for my little angel, 
Eris Raissa.