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Happy Quarter of a Century!!

On last May 3rd, I had turned 25. Wow, can u believe that it's quarter of a century? Though the numbers do scare me a bit but am utterly, utterly delighted! It has been a quarter-century milestone dat I've gained lots of experiences and lessons in every obstacles and tribulations of life. We learn every day aite? So, we should be happy and proud of ourself that we grow up through out the years. Birthday is always my favorite, with surprises, cakes, candles, well wishes and presents.. owh, am blessed! 
And am so overwhelmed with all the wishes given by everybody regardless the medium they use; Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, phone calls, email, etc. Thank you so much for made my day. You guys are AWESOME! 
Since Abang will be leaving a day before my birthday so, we had pre-celebration which are; the Mangrove Tour and Movie Outing that I had blogged earlier. I thought there will be no present from Abang this year cos I didn't saw Abang brought anything from KL dat looks …

The Avengers with Brothers

Am honestly not a big fan of comic characters. Well, basically am ain't a comic reader. But I dunno how I got attached with those comic movies from Marvel. I could say that I do keep track all their movies. Almost all of them.  
And The Avengers? How can I miss them? It is a must watch movie for this year ogey! And what makes it perfect is when you go watch with your siblings; the brothers! 
Only four of us went out for movie while Mama and Abah had farewell dinner for one of their staffs. And the ticket was Abang's treat. ngehngeh~ Luv you lah Abang!! *hugs*

And this is my fave line in The Avengers between Captain America and Iron Man;
"See, take off your suit and what are you?"
"A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.." 
trolololol!!! It is damn hilarious especially when Thor is laughing. He's so cute! 

p/s: Think my adik wore wrong shirt's theme that night. ngehngeh~

Quality Family Time

Finally, I can blog again after almost a week Streamyx buat hal.. And today diorg ada inisiatif to come and fix it! grrrrrr. 
It's normal for Dean's family to have this kind of ritual when we all gather; holiday, shared meal and of course catching up stories while watching telly. muahaha..
Since Abang came back for few days, Mama made a plan for us to go for Mangrove Tour (also known as Kilim Geoforest Park). Believe me that Langkawi has so many places to be explored. And we're trying to accomplish our mission in discover the beauty of Langkawi before moving out next year. Tak sedar da 25 tahun tinggal disini. Sobss. 
Thank God the day was all bright and sunny. We really enjoy the trip and of course appreciate the precious time in the spirit of one family. *wink*