Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fave May

May has always be my fave Month since forever. And why May is so special to me? It's because in May we got Labor Day, we also have Mother's Day n to make it sounds perfect we got lots of great movies in May. teheheee~ =DD And yeah, not to forget.. my birthday is also in May!! Don't you think all the great movies in May are some sort of celebrating my birthday?? lolol *ogey. perasan.

Frankly speaking, I don't expect much for my birthday diz year cos am in chaotic phase ever. I got interview a day after my birthday. The next day I need to do a presentation regarding my internship. Of course few days before, I was busy worked on the report, slides and preparation for d interview blablablabla. It's damn chaos am telling you. So, my plan is just to stay at home complete my report and slides for the presentation during my birthday. *loser*

Surprisingly, I got a call asked me to go out. Apparently, someone wants to celebrate my birthday. How will I say no to someone who insisted to celebrate my birthday?? Cannot kan? Well, I'm a birthday gal.. Apa kes nak duduk dlm biik buat report sambil mkn meggi. derrrr~ So, yeah, I went out and celebrate it. Then when I got home, served me rite man! I still need to face d reality. Gotta complete d report and slides Goddammit! >.<

However, to be a birthday gair is always been blessed kan? I can't believe that the interview went great and the presentation had done perfectly! *tiba-tibarasakagumngandirisendiri* hee~ =DD My birthday is still great though we didn't captured any pictures to display here. But they are all saved in the memory. Mama came to my place and spend a quality time together. Though it wasn't dat long, but I'm so happy to have her during my birthday. I also lepak with my bestie where all the treats are on her. Pizza is one of the menu-wajib-beliau-belanja. hahaha. It makes me missing the good old days dat we used to have somehow. =\ Dan tak lupa jugak, masa-masa yg diluangkan bersama jejaka-jejaka pilihan. lalala~ =p

Honestly, a birthday gift from Abang is so predictable.
A perfume as usual. lolol
And he'd added the number of my perfume's collection indirectly. ngeee~
This time it's Couture by Juicy Couture. I love it!!

Mama as always knows exactly my needs. She gave me a GPS for my birthday gift. Cool x mama saya? haha.. I'm so thankful dat finally I have a GPS and it has become my second nyawa after cellphone sekarang. Seriously, live without GPS is like live with a half brain. lol Thanks Mama!! It helps me a lot and yeah, I love you so MUCH!! ♥ ♥ ♥

While the iPod is a gift from a friend. (^____________^) Like a dream comes true. I da mmg lama nk beli iPod tp selalu duit burn ngan shopping. Faham kan priority perempuan ni alwasy shopping baju, kasut, handbag, etc. And iPod just in my dream. Bila dpt d iPod, I was like, "howyeaaaaah howyeaaaaah howyeaaaaah~!!" *sambilmenarichickydance* =DD

Well actually, I also got a cupcake for my birthday gift surprise. (sorry, there's no picture cos da selamat dihadamkan. hee~ =DD) And poor him much that his surprise didn't work out when I'm unintentionally didn't show up at my door house. Sape suh nak buat surprise x ckp kn? haha.. He did called me few times but I was in the line with Mama. Without checked the incoming call, I simply ignored the phone calls and text message. After an hour I believe, baru I check my phone. N yeah, surely die da blk and left d cupcake in front of my door house. I feel so sorry and guilty 'till today ogey. tsk. =_=" But anyway, thanks a lot my dear. Just wanna let u know.. I do appreciate all d surprises you'd gave to me. Really.

Besides all the presents, surprises, etc. I also watched few great movies in order to complete the birthday girl celebration. hee~ =))

Watched this movie with Far.
Thor is damn HOT!! And d movie is damn SUPERB!
Of course Natalie Portman is a fave.. =))

Red Riding Hood during my birthday. Watched with Mr. G.
Well, I simply in love with d hero.
Nk tahu? Kne tgk sndri. =p

FAST 5!!!
Totally AWESOME! I love the part when The Rock is fighting with Van Diesel. You know how it feels when two hot guys fighting kan. Damn, they are so hot!!  And I am fallin in love with Paul Walker too! He's cute owh.. =DD This time they are more to action as compared to race. But still, they are FAST man!!! Anyway, I need to thank Azizi to bring me watched this movie. Thanks Azizi.. *wink*

p/s: A friend used to give a stupid comment ever bout Fast5. Well, I think it's stupid. Cos he said, Fast 5 is hilarious. lololol. Fast 5 - hilarious??? u gotta be kidding me? Which part dat he saw it as hilarious pun tak tahu la. Dude, do u know the meaning of hilarious in d first place?? *gelakguling-guling*


  1. alalala~ the guy yang mau bagi cupcakes tu soooo kesian X__X mesti lama dia tunggu di luar tu kan. terus bila nda dapat call in, he just left it there with a silent birthday wish.

    lastly, he turned away with tears rolling down his cheeks.

    hahaha~ fiction betul la. siap boleh buat short stories lagi. hakhakhak~ :B

  2. hahaha.. OMG! u can be so dramatic la dear.. it's cute though. =p luv ya!!

  3. always nice having bday presents..huhu..happy belated bday..i did wish on ur fb the other day ^_^ Hope u have a wonderful life ahead.......

  4. thank you dear.. i did recognized ur wish in FB.. =))

  5. babe!! hp belated bday.. sorry im d last 1 2 wish u.. dh agak hg bz ngn rport bagai kn, since hg dh gtaw ritu kn.. hmm.. tym cnvo ritu pn nseb bek kta xpromise papa pn sbb suma plan aq ngn mmbe suma hancus beb.. btw, congrats sbb dpt GPS!! hahah!! study GPS 2 cpt!!

  6. alahai.. sowie babe.. aku x sempat nk roger ang.. bz da rushing ngan nk g Jakarta ari 2.. sigh. neway, xpew.. nti kta plan chantek pnya.. aku pown skarg da dpt keja lak.. cm duk blur2 lg arrange idop. lolol besh kowt da dew gps. nti ang ckp jew ang t'babas kt ner. aku bole p amik.. hahahaha.. =p

  7. hahah!! aq terbabas.. ok, fine.. org tuh dh terer jalan kn.. hahak!!
    well, kwn aq dh kj? cy lah!! story a!! aq pn blur2 gak xtaw hg kj pa.. ngeee~

  8. hahaha.. aku cm x berperasaan sgt ngan kejew bwu nieh. tue cm xdew mood nk cter. sigh.

  9. ae?? hmmmm..
    (pandang pc smbil senyum berat sbelah bserta anggukkan kpala~)