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I think am facing a prob with my own self. Dimana kadang-kadang ekspresi muka dan mulut tidak mengikut arahan otak. And it could lead to the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Like REALLY HUGE.


He smiled at me ngan gigihnya siap buka cermin tingkap keta.

Arahan otak: smile back to him. Well, at least.. look at him!

What I did was: Bukan je tak senyum tp siap buat muka minta kaki.

A friend said: He's looking and smiling at you. Kesian dia.

Arahan otak: Say sorry. I really didn't mean to. Well, at least.. tell that u didn't noticed it. Jaga la hati sket.

And I said: "Owh, really? Lantak la die. Malas nk layan."

GOSH!! Mulut nie kan!!! >,<


A friend asked to accompany her, met our friend at mamak.

Arahan otak: Be nice.. Though u are freaking tired.

What I did was: Watched TV and totally ignored d conversation.

Arahan otak: Join the conversation la bongok! TV kt uma pun boleh tgk lg.

Ogey. Ogey. Chill la!

And I said: "Ooo" ... "Ummmm" ..... "yeala" ..... "i c" ..... DONE!



Phone's ringing.

Arahan otak: Sila angkat dan berbicara sopan.

He asked, "y u didn't picked up my call hari tue?"

Arahan otak: Say I have works to do. And do apologize.

And I said: "Saja. Malas."


*otak can't take it anymore. =.="

I didn't really meant to say and react that way. It's so spontaneous. And I dunno y mulut nie sgt degil. Dan muka? Y u have to do dat face?? seriously?

p/s: now, if u wanna call me cocky, diva, or watever it is. SAYA TERIMA. it's my bad. sigh sigh sigh.


  1. warghkakakakah!! sengal..
    but sumtim its gud s u really cant say 'no' 4 certain things & certain peeps.. (u noe wat & whom i mean)

  2. ang gelak lak weih.. mslh bsr ang taw dak.. aku x taw pasaipa lately nie, aku gheja wt mka mnta kaki.. pffft.

  3. i wanna call u "awesome-sis". u noe y coz u r awesome. that kind of attitude was WOW la sis darling nothing's wrong with it. i pown cmtuh selalu.hehehe.

  4. i wanna call u "awesome-sis". u noe y coz u r awesome. that kind of attitude was WOW la sis darling nothing's wrong with it. i pown cmtuh selalu.hehehe.

  5. owh, really??? is it dat Cool?? haha. i neva noe.. mybe for u it's awesome la kowt. tp owg yg dpt tgk mke i, sure die annoyed glew. lololol

  6. mslh bsr ae??
    cdangan aq.. len kali klu bnda sm jd.. hg ptut..
    kes 1: awak nk ngorat saye k?? (smbil posing alala model F1)
    kes 2: ala, lepak pn kt mamak, ajak jela mamak 2 teman kn.. (smbil bt muke melayu habis nk lagi best ttbe cari ken batik lalu memakainya)
    kes 3: alamak, i tlupa cemane nk gune bendalah handphone.. (pstu trus call mama tny about her health or even text her)

  7. KAHKAHKAHKAHKAH pecah prot aku ngan ang nie.. ngeee~ =p

  8. dats ma gal..
    lauf aut laud oweys yea~


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