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Nuffnang + TGV Cinemas = Super Cool

Haie dolls!! It has been quite a while since my last post aite? hadoi~ so many things happened indeed. But will update u soon. Promise! (^____^)v

So now, am going to talk bout my fave May lg. teheheee~ =DD Seriously, diz May mmg full of surprises la. I loike~ =p

Well actually, I got birthday surprise from Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas dude!! woootwoot~ Guess wat? I got 4 complimentary passes for any movie* at TGV Cinemas outlet nationwide ogey! Let's scream together!!! woohooooeeeeee~!!!

And here, I want to show my biggest appreciation and bunch of thanks to Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas for diz super cool passes. You guys ROXX yaaw!! *wink*

p/s: Ogey, skarg nk kne cari partner teman tgk movie free. Anyone? =p


  1. untungnya dapat ticket free ! :D heee~ btw, i wanna joinnn ! ekekekeke~ :B

  2. hehe.. come2.. we watch together! *wink*

  3. omggg!!!!!!!!woooowwwwwwwwwwwwww...seriousss? best gilaaaa.!!!

  4. yes yes.. for real babe.. tehehee~ =DDD

  5. ehem..
    "nsb bek aq kt penang.. slmt tiket makngah nih xkene koyak sbb xajk aq kn~"

  6. hahaha.. blom pkai lg weih.. abg aku nie yg duk sibok suh bwa dia. ngee~

  7. come come!! got 2 more left.. huhu

  8. pergh syok gile la dpt tiket free...tgk movie sampai muntah

  9. tue la pasal.. bukan stakat muntah jew.. naek lebam plus ble tgk cter sme byk kali.. =p

  10. ah xpa.. cpt2 g tgk suma muvi tuh.. xda mkna ny hah klu ekspaiyed kang..

    kem slm mamat popcorn yg pkai bangle 2 ae~ (adekah?hahah!)

  11. xpa, ang pnya pasai.. aku bg ada jugak mamat yg pkai bangle.. haha =p

  12. aww.. sgt memahami kn.. ahahahah!!

  13. harusla.. klaw x, jgn pgl aku bestie. =p


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