Monday, September 20, 2010

HELLO again

Yeap!. I da smpai Shah Alam. weeeihuuuu~ Selamat pulang ke dunia student. (nada x redha) *sigh*

Goodbye Langkawi.. =___=

Owgeyh, da almost smpai KLIA.

Yeish, welcome back.

p/s: Thank God hari Isnin I mmg xde class. So, smpat lg nk siapkn assignment. ngeee~


  1. Sedar2 ckit semester nie blom abes... hahahhaa....
    Tahun depan keje, kumpul duit banyak2, sponsor aku kawin k... =)

  2. hi there, the feeling going back home after a holiday is always not nice ..i know..haha...its so lazy...aarrghh...why was the holidays so fast? *sigh