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Last entry mengharapkn dapat settle assignment kan . Tp HAMPEH! X buat satu pun okay. ngeee~ Pagi-pagi abah kejut suh siap g open house ahli parlimen langkawi, Datuk Bakar. Then nk trus antar adik g Jeti.

I thought smpat je nk kuar ngan En Que lps antar adk. Then straight away g jumpa Mie. (waaahh~ statement player sgt. huhu..) Mmg sempat. Tp cm rushing sket. huh. =__= Iyeala, dr open house nk blk uma dlu, tukar bju. Pastu g Pekan Kuah. Trus nk date ngan En Yusme dkt Habour Park lak. ngee~ Adoi~ Serious jadual pack. Tp nk buat macam mana, tue je masa yg ada nk jumpa ngan diorg.. The next day I da nk blk Shah Alam da. huuu~

But it's worthy. Cuz I do have fun. Indeed. :DD

Like always, I heart candid pic!! :D

Especially THIS! Look at his face. Serious kelakar. hahaha..

Yeap, thi is En Que. *wink*

Bersama mereka, from left: Zairie, Shukry, Me n Que

Eh, pose bole sme lak ngan En Que. ngehngeh~ N yeah, yg bju hjau tue En. Kimi. :) Kawan sekolah rendah I gak.

Sgt best lepak ngan diorg. It's like mini reunion lak. hehe.. Obviously, I sorg je girl kt situ. wuu~ Tp diorg mmg sempoi. Cuz nk lepak ngan I since I da nk blk da. Tue pun masa I da nk gerak blk, diorg tahan x kasi balik lg.. But I really need to go cos da lewat.

Another date lak.

So, diz is Harbour Park. Best kot kt cnie.. Mmg da plan ngan En Yusme nk lepak sini sbb nk tgk sunset. Romantik x? Ehem. T_____T

En Yusme really loves diz pic. Dia ckp mke ktorg berseri-seri macam baru nikah. HAHAHA! Geli2.. ;p

Paling best bila dia kasi surprise. He asked to close my eyes and pakaikan I gelang nie. Adoi~ apsal ko sweet sgt nieh. Bole jatuh cinta tahu. haish.

Nie la gelang yg dia beli masa dia transit kt Sabah hari tu.. Though it ain't an expensive gift but I love surprise! Kalau petik bunga tepi jln kasi pun I da terharu. Sumpah! :DD (p/s: C, I'm not materialistic ogey.) ;p

U guys really AWESOME! I really have a great time. Betol! Cayunk kamu sume. X-O-X-O


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