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And I keep SMILING :)

Actually, this entry exclusively meant for everyone yg sgt concern bout me. Seriously, I'm trying to hide it at first.. That's y I x penah mentioned apa-apa in my blog that relates to my personal life or to be exact my love issue.. hmm.. Tapi apa la sgt yg I mampu buat to stop the technology sekarang rite? Dgn facebook je semua org bole tahu kan..

I admit, the reason I close my FB's acc for a while hari tu is just to find myself again. To find the spirit. And give a space to cont my life. But I was wrong. I can't b a LOSER. Kenapa I nk lari? Just face it! Hell, I'm good enough to show that I'm better. To show that I'm strong. So, I active kan bailk my FB's acc.. And to my surprise, I never knew that ramai lg yang care bout me. Yg syg I.. Yg jaga I.. And yg rsiau pasal I.. Seriously, I sgt terharu... Sumpah! Syg korg sgt2... ♥

Ada kwn skolah yg x penah bertgur pun dlu.. Xpenah rapat pun.. X penah jd kwn in fact.. Cuma setakat kenal semata 1 skolah je.. Tp bila jd cm gnie, they come to me.. Send me a msg jauh dari Scotland to show that they are always with me. That they are care.. Bg semangat dekat I.. Terharu weih.. I x nangis sbb hilang cinta... Tp I nangis bila diorg concern psl I.. Support I. :') Ada yg buat entry special for me.. Hati mana tak tersentuh bila ada yg sudi buat entry special kan.. Thx NQ. Thank you so much dear. I always believe, Allah tue Maha ADIL..

Sepatutnya I mestilah frust kan, but magically No. I do not feel dat way at all.. In fact, I bahagia sgt cuz dpt byk kasih syg dr org lain yg lebih hargai I. How lucky am I rite? So, tell me y should I feel sad? Y I should cry? X perlu kan? Cos I x rugi apa-apa pun.

Plus I tahu.. I da gave my best.. N there's nothing left dat I should regret.Tak I x nyesal pun for what had happened. Even sekecil zarah.. Xde lansung rasa menyesal. 

So, girls... Don't worry okay. I'll be fine. Betul. :))

N I love u guys. SANGAT! xoxoxo


  1. hi. im ur stalker. err follower? blog reader? ape2 lah. im a girl. all dat i cn say is, karma does hpn. be hpy n be strong :)
    i'm a feminist n i stand fr girls' right!

  2. huhuh good luck then ;D
    i'd deactvated my acc on fb too xD

  3. owhhh...bertuahnye ramai yg sayang n care :)

  4. good for you to be happy enough...
    and beleive in yourself..that u'll find someone better..okay???do take care yea...

  5. thx guys.. alhamdulillah, i feel better now. :) Love u all.. ♥

  6. u deserved some1 a way better than him. he's total jerk. u.. i nk tny. cmne u deal with ur feeling ryte nw??? i need some advice on this.tq.

  7. dear anonymous,
    i do nothing actually. N i dunno where i got d spirit either. Sumpah, I x sdei or even regret 4 wat had happened. Membe2 I pown t'kejut cuz I x nangis. Sdgkn our r/ship is already 6 years. Mcm x make sense kn I x sdey? huhu..

    But wat make sense is, believe urself. I believe dat I already do my best. I da all out. Tp if thing still doesn't work, so I have nothing to regret. It goes same to other things in ur life. In study for example, klaw u tawu u da study hard n smart but d result still not satisfy u, U xkn rse mnyesal kn? Sbb tue Tuhan da tetapkn. Unless klaw u x berusaha, then mmg patut la u menyesal. hehehe..

    So dear, usaha-doa-tawakal should b aligned. InsyaAllah, Allah xkn anayai hamba die.. (^_^)

  8. thanx sis 4 da advice. u sngt tabah. i feel better nw.move on n look forward are the best way kn. u're truly an inspiration 4 me. thanx again. btw, i love reading ur blog.nice! hey, jd la model. i ske tgk all ur pics. seriously, u cantek la.

  9. sis da clash ? :(

    be strong ye sis!kuat taw

  10. anonymous: thx dear.. yep, always believe things happened for reason. Jgn sesekali blame takdir. Klaw kte xpenah jtuh, kte xkn tawu cmne rse sakit. Ble kte x penah rse sakit, kte xkn penah m'hargai keadaan baik yg kte dew. rite? so, chill! life is too short. Dun waste it dear. :) N wat I had been thru lately, I take it in a positive way.. I tawu diz is d chance dat Allah gives me to have d best for my life. N I really thankful for d chance I have. Really. Tue tnjuk Allah syg kt kte lg kn.. Owg yg baek, tue yg baek. Vice versa. So, keep rocking gal. *wink*

    miwwa syg: yep. I da broke up. Dun worry. I'm strong enuf. hehehe.. (^_^)v


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