Saturday, October 1, 2016

Little One Number Two

Alhamdulillah we're expecting second child and it has been 20 weeks plus now which I've passed and done with the first trimester challenge. Yay!! 

This pregnancy has been such a smooth one so far and way better than I had with Eris Raissa. My morning sickness was not as tough as with Eris that I only felt nauseous when in the shower while experiencing common symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness (sometimes), leg cramps and of course mood swings. haha Other than that, I was just alright. =)

We didn't really prepare anything yet but in sha Allah, would likely to start it properly once we've known the baby's sex. In the meantime, we both are trying to give extra attention to Eris Raissa that soon she's going to be a sister.  However, having said that, I could promise that the love would never be varied from one another. ;) 

Do pray for our little family and this little angel in there right! 


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