Sunday, January 7, 2018



Wow, it has been more than a year since my last posting! 
*fuh fuh fuh*
(blow the dust off)

So, this posting specially to announce the arrival of my second baby girl! 
(she is turning one year old this coming 25th Feb btw, haha!) 

Meet Elysia Rizqie - the sweetly blissful with rizq :) 

I had different experience with the second one. If the first baby with #ErisRaissa I could have normal delivery, with Elyisa I need to do a c-sec due to some complications.

I had the same sign of delivery like the first one which is 'bloody show' so, I was kind of expected to have the same painful contractions. But magically, the contractions were very bearable!

However, it wasn't a good sign. I decided to go to the hospital when I could feel the contractions became more regular and strong that coming every 5-10 mins. But when the nurses and doctor did the fetal heart rate monitor, the data, I supposed not to be normal as it should.

I've been taking to the labour when I was only dilated 3cm but shortly, less than 1 hour, I already reached 6cm. Unfortunately the baby is still way high up and it is not advisable for me to start pushing which only could risk the baby (as her heart beat seems too weak). So that's pretty much how I ended up with cesarean.

I was never opt for epidural but having c-sec left me with no choice. But Alhamdulillah, everything went well and smoothly. I am so grateful to have such a great team of gynecologist.

If anyone is considering to have FPP (full paying patient) scheme in Hospital Putrajaya, I would highly recommend Dr Wan Ahmad Hazim Wan Gazali or better known as Dr Hazim who is also the Head of Department (HOD) of OBGN.

In spite of everything, I am so thankful for the experience. Both normal and c-sec has it owns pros and cons and it is up to our choice and acceptance. I enjoyed both but would still prefer normal delivery if I could choose one. :D

But at least with c-sec, I could show the scar to Elysia some day to remind her the sacrifices I've made. haha!

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