Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SyuHanith Road Trip

Gaining experience in current department by arranging FAM Trip gives me intact credibility of organizing a trip. Hence, Incik Pensyarah keeps his hands off it by letting me handle our road trip from A to Z. Well, especially in hotel selection and booking because I am way fussier than you could imagine. 

Even we only go for a budget hotel but still, the hotel cleanliness, particularly their toilet/washroom is my biggest concern. Therefore, I always spend some time to do my research reading the reviews of the hotel apart from looking their pictures of room and other facilities. Those hotels without clear and proper pictures of their room and all; are definitely not taken into account. 

We had few trips after married but we never have time to go for a honeymoon. Sedih kan? Technically because of me, that I just started working so, I am not eligible to apply for a long leave. And our previous trips in Penang and Cameron Highlands are only weekend getaways. Lame. Lame. Lame. 

Alhamdulillah, after almost a year working with L***, I finally had a chance to apply a leave for a week and road trip is totally a great idea to spend quality time together. ;)

Where we headed to
My plane touched down in LCCT (back then in April 2014) in the evening so, we overnighted at the YouniQ Hotel in Sepang that I've made a booking earlier. It is a budget hotel where you could get the best price by online booking in Agoda or Booking as compared to walk-in (if I'm not mistaken).   

Incik Pensyarah in the YouniQ Hotel lobby
Yes, the hotel is quite far from the airport but the decoration and uniqueness of the hotel has definitely caught my attention. Yelah, kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Tune Hotel and others yang lagi dekat dgn airport, YouniQ Hotel is waaaaaaayyy better than them! hehe

Our road trip started in the next morning where we were headed to Melaka!! 

In Melaka, we stayed in Euro Rich Hotel - Another gorgeous and spectacular budget hotel!! You may check-out their website kalau tak percaya. ;)

Kami sampai di Melaka sekitar Zohor dah nak masuk Asar cm gitue. So, petang tu lepas check-in, kami rest sampai Maghrib baru keluar cari makan. Malam tu, masa tengah memusing cari kedai makan disamping mengemaskini status di Twitter, one of my blogger friends, Ain - a princess as well  (^_^) WhatsApp-ed me tanya betul ke we're in Melaka cause she's in Melaka too!! Then, bila dah jumpa kedai makan terus share location kt WhatsApp dengan harapan impian jadi kenyataan dapat berjumpa untuk kali ke-2!! 

Ada rezeki, Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak jumpa si puteri ni bersama tunangnya. Bersembang ala long-lost-sister gitue. Padahal baru dua kali je kami berjumpa live. Tapi that's the beauty of online-friendship la kalau kita betul guna untuk tujuan yang baik. Dapat mengembang dan mengikat tali persaudaraan lagi. Acewah! =p

For dinner, of course la kami attack kedai makan famous kt Melaka tu, tak lain tak bukan Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant. Tell you what, tandoori dia memang TERBAEK!

Perut dah kenyang, mata pulak secerah sinar matahari sebab dah tidur sepetang jadi kami memusing la tengah-tengah Melaka. We just tried our luck g checked River Cruise buka ke tak lagi memandangkan dah lewat malam. Tapi memang rezeki kami, diorang still operate lagi. Apalagi, terus melompat masuk bot la. And cruising Melaka river at night really gave us aesthetic pleasure.

The next day, we took our sweet time exploring Melaka without time-bound. We went to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade for window shopping before off to Kota A'Famosa (oh, so cliche!) lol

Malam pulak we planned to go to Jonker Walk dulu then find a place for dinner. Tapi MasyaAllah.. Ramai betul orang.. Tak dapat cari parking so, we moved to Asam Pedas Claypot yang famous juga in Melaka. Surprisingly, kat situ pun ramai orang! Sampai terpaksa queue untuk dapat tempat makan. What an experience. Tapi nasib baik la memang sedap kan. So, tak kisah sgt. Settle makan baru la g balik kt Jonker Walk. Memang senang dapat parking and bila masuk orang pun tak berapa ramai sangat dah. Rupanya, diorang dah nak tutup. Patut la dah tak ramai orang. heh. -_-"  
Keesokannya, sebelum gerak g Genting Highlands ktorang singgah minum Coconut Shake dulu. Perrrrgggh! Sedap sangat. Dah dapat coconut shake baru la senang hati sikit. hehe. Malam sampai di Genting Highland kami tidur di Tras Mutiara Hotel and it's in Bentong. Punya la nak cari hotel bajet kan sampai ke Bentong pergi nya.. Tak tau pula Bentong ngan Genting Highlands tu boleh tahan jauh juga. hahaha 

Check-out in the next day, terus shoot naik Genting Highlands then check-in dekat First World Hotel untuk one more night. So, dekat la sikit and senang for us lepas habis pusing Genting boleh terus balik bilik. Dekat kan. Takde la nk kena drive sampai ke Bentong. keke

Macam semua orang tahu, Genting Highlands sekarang (the outdoor theme park specifically) still under construction. So, tak banyak la activities yang kami boleh buat. Tapi for me, I don't really mind sebab our road trip ni pun lebih kepada relax and leisure punya trip. We just wanna spend more time together and indeed, we enjoyed our holiday!

Next morning lepas check-out, ktorang singgah KL dulu before balik Kedah. Alasannya, I nak singgah IKEA. LOL

Incik Pensyarah pun terpaksa la ikut je cakap I. Lepas dapat 2-3 perabot baru balik Kedah. Weeee!!!

So, that's basically our awesome road trip! My plan, we should go for a road trip around Malaysia dulu. Dah habis pusing satu Malaysia then we go outbound pulak. So far, dengan family memang dah habis pusing Malaysia. Oh wait, no, I belum sampai Sabah je lagi. Tapi with husband this is our third trip and we already covered; Penang, Cameron Highlands, Melaka, and Genting Highlands. Waaaa, still got lots of places to go and banyak lagi states lagi nak pergi. Ni baru Malaysia. Phewwww~

Whatever it is, I am so cannot wait for our next trip! Yaaaaay!!


  1. im glad that i know you! it's one of the best event happened in my life, darling!

  2. me too love!! may this friendship last long til our last breath. ameen..