Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SyuHanith Jr.

Oh yes, we are expecting our first child!! 
Alhamdulillah.. ;)
After almost a year we got married, we finally have good news to share with everyone that have been patiently waited this from us.

Honestly, from our part, we are not rushing. In fact, me, myself sebelum kahwin or even met my husband, I always wanted one year honeymoon before having a baby. Skali, memang tuhan bagi lepas setahun kahwin. So, be careful what you wish for. hehe.

Both of us, are always being optimistic either before or after knowing this good news. Sebelum dapat anak, yes, few people (mak cik-mak cik la slalunya) ada juga bertanya but we keep smiling and saying that, "ada rezeki, ada la.." After all, what else can we say? And I always told them that we're in LDM so perhaps, Allah Maha Mengetahui that we might not ready or our financial stability ain't enough to expand our family or perhaps Allah knows that I don't have such capability to support and bear mom's responsibility while husband's distant. Allahu a'lam..

And of course, after knowing this good news, we (husband especially) were thrilled that I believe he's definitely been waiting for this! hahaha. So, I guess it just me who wants it after one year marriage. ngeee~

My first scan during 7 weeks of pregnancy
Before I knew that I'm pregnant, I'm kinda had weird symptom like taste of milk on every foods or drinks that I consume. But I didn't suspect anything even my breast have been sore, swollen and growing since I also had regular cramping just like before my period.

Then I realized that my period was late almost 2 weeks which was not normal cos my periods had always been very regular. Instead of thinking the potential of getting pregnant, I was worried that I might had some serious abdominal pain. So I talked and shared with my colleagues all the symptoms that I am experiencing. Surprisingly, they said I am probably pregnant!

I don't want to get my hopes up so, I bought home pregnancy test kit just to get a definite answer. And yes, I obtained a positive result yet I didn't really feel excited because I was worried it could be wrong pregnancy test result. Well maybe, I did the test alone which I don't want to share with husband via Skype or sending the image through WhatsApp. So, I've decided to keep it shut until my next meeting with husband and do another test and show to him direct to his face. hah!

I did my second pregnancy test when I met my husband in the following week. Yes, the result was still the same - it showed that I am 3 weeks + pregnant! But this time, I am absolutely delighted to see my husband on cloud nine when I showed him the result. =)) Alhamdulillah..

Now, I am still in first trimester of pregnancy which everybody knows that this is a period of major development and crucial stage for every mom-to-be to keep the baby safe and healthy.

I know it's normal to have some nausea and vomiting during first trimester and most pregnant women go through that. However, I'm kinda have bad NVP and morning sickness malaise (which, unfortunately, doesn't just strike in the morning!) that I found myself hard to go to work and being ridiculously tired! Sometimes I have insomnia, leg cramps, backaches and lots of gas and burping. VERY attractive.

But it's such a relief to know that NVP ain't necessarily a bad thing cos some experts think that the queasier you are, the less likely you are to miscarry or deliver prematurely. At the end, all I want is to keep the baby as safe and healthy as possible. Ameen..