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SyuHanith Jr.

Oh yes, we are expecting our first child!!  YAY!!! After almost a year we got married, we finally have good news to share with everyone that have been patiently waited this from us.

Honestly, from our part, we are not rushing. In fact, me, myself sebelum kahwin or even met my husband, I always wanted one year honeymoon before having a baby. Skali, memang tuhan bagi lepas setahun kahwin. So, be careful what you wish for. hehe.

Both of us, are always being optimistic either before or after knowing this good news. Sebelum dapat anak, yes, few people (mak cik-mak cik la slalunya) ada juga bertanya but we keep smiling and saying that, "ada rezeki, ada la.." After all, what else can we say? And I always told them that we're in LDM so perhaps, Allah Maha Mengetahui that we might not ready or our financial stability ain't enough to expand our family or perhaps Allah knows that I don't have such capability to support and bear mom's responsibility while husband's di…

SyuHanith Road Trip

Gaining experience in current department by arranging FAM Trip gives me intact credibility of organizing a trip. Hence, Incik Pensyarah keeps his hands off it by letting me handle our road trip from A to Z. Well, especially in hotel selection and booking because I am way fussier than you could imagine. 
Even we only go for a budget hotel but still, the hotel cleanliness, particularly their toilet/washroom is my biggest concern. Therefore, I always spend some time to do my research reading the reviews of the hotel apart from looking their pictures of room and other facilities. Those hotels without clear and proper pictures of their room and all; are definitely not taken into account. 
We had few trips after married but we never have time to go for a honeymoon. Sedih kan? Technically because of me, that I just started working so, I am not eligible to apply for a long leave. And our previous trips in Penang and Cameron Highlands are only weekend getaways. Lame. Lame. Lame.