Wednesday, July 23, 2014

of work

Berdasarkan rekod bekerja sebelum ini, frankly speaking, I hardly survived longer than 6 months in one organization. Reasons being: 
  1. I couldn't change my attitude of "cepat bosan"
  2. I am very keen and enthusiastic about learning and exploring new things in this globe
  3. I always seek for a better opportunity and offer

Surprisingly, the offer that I got from L*** which is in the last year has remain up to now as my recent job. I have to admit that to get this offer (in semi/government sector) ain't easy due to current issues; competitive and high unemployment rates/numbers of young graduates. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, I managed to get it after my second application. That's why I cakap tak mudah nak dapat juga sebenarnya. Since I've tried so hard to get this, I pasang niat and janji pada diri sendiri that I won't give up easily for whatever trials and tribulations that might come in the future. And all these "self-promise" happened before I met my husband. 

In the middle of "waiting period" tu la I kenal my husband. Mula kenal my husband tak plan pun nak kawen cepat. Tapi bila dah main dengan suratan jodoh dan ketentuan Allah s.w.t, siapa boleh lawan kan? We got married when I just started working with L***. And our first trial is being apart. Husband is working in Puncak Alam and I'm in Langkawi. 

Since I just started working, I didn't plan to quit even we're in LDM. And Alhamdulillah, I got a very great and understanding husband. I'm looking forward to gaining more experiences and benefits in L*** as I can foresee the growth potential in terms of career and individuality interest.

I would say that last year could be the best achievement in my career. I got acknowledgement and trust from my boss to send me out to Taipei, Taiwan for one international event. I am truly enjoying my job!

However, this year treats me pretty hard and it is quite challenging for me when my career has been a train wreck because of some stupid politics involving two power figures. It is HARD when I don't know how to play role in any dramas of office politics. Sigh. I can't find any good words to describe and explain how bad office politics could treat you so yeah, I should stop talking about it. 

My point is, I started losing hope and faith because of all s**ts I've mentioned above. And I can't wait to walk out from this institution regardless my "self-promise" that I've made earlier. Plus when I have one concrete reason (for myself) to leave; that I should follow and stay with husband! 

Tapi kelakarnya, marah-marah, give up bagai pun, I managed to stay here for more than one year! Well, another achievements. haha. 

Now, I am deciding to go with the flow. 

Tabah, sabar, usaha dan cekal pasti Allah s.w.t akan tolong. ;)


  1. hi.. just read your blog.. and congratulation for your achievement!!!