Friday, January 25, 2013

Life After Engaged

Definitely have not changed much! 
Of course la kan...

Well, we're still in a LDR and I'm totally okay with it. Okay tipu. Counting days to meet him is killing me maaaan! pffft. 

But to have such a darling fiance that never fails to make me smile and laugh is kinda help though. Yeah, in order to balance this uncontrollable emotions of being apart. =p

too excited or too cute?


  1. i just love LDR. dah terbiasa mungkin? :)

  2. u love it? Gosh.. i'm dying here.. huhu.. I've been in LDR for 5 years plus dulu, and i'm totally fine with it.. Tp with Incik Pensyarah,d feelings are different.. Wanted to see him everyday.. huhu