Monday, January 7, 2013

Buh-Bye 2012!

Hello angels!! I'm late, I know. But who cares? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =D

So yeah, soalan wajib tanya bila muncul tahun baru is "What's your resolution?" kan? No worries, I won't list my resolutions here but I'm posting on the highlights of my last year instead. teheee~

Dirisik & Bertunang (of course!!!!)
I still remember, there's one time I told Mama that I don't think I'm gonna get married (because):
  1. I don't have special boyfriend
  2. I'm heartless
  3. I'm not ready for a commitment
  4. I feel too young to get married (really?)

So, that's basically my points with the whole situation of I-don't-think-I'm-gonna-get-married. But who knows, few months after... here comes Incik Pensyarah like a magic!

Benarlah, jodoh itu rahsia Allah.. :)

Dirisik then gedebuk gedebak dah pun selamat bertunang. In sha Allah, getting married soon! (p/s: do squeeze me!)

Downgrade saham suda.. hahaha

Been Stripped!
Tell you what, I never use my real name in any social networking or whatever sites (except e-mail). Simply because I'm too paranoid of people getting know me better than I am (if you know what I mean

Therefore, I took caution by create my alter ego, named - PuteriHati. But life is full of surprise kan.. There's one blog came out with entries (siap ada sequels lagi); the list of Blogger Wanita Yang Cantik di Malaysia. And then, other blogs started to post the same entry but slightly different because diorang dah minimized the number of the lists (i.e.: 24, 19, 10, etc.) and surprisingly, I've never been missed listed in their entry. I feel so touched and honored!

To the contrary, my pictures and the blog's link are everywhere when you Google them! :O 

Now, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel. 

I have lots of be happy in 2012 but the two events above had really changed me. It was a strange balance but that can only mean improving myself to make 2013 an even better year!

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