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Life After Engaged

Definitely have not changed much!  Of course la kan... LOL
Well, we're still in a LDR and I'm totally okay with it. Okay tipu. Counting days to meet him is killing me maaaan! pffft. 
But to have such a darling fiance that never fails to make me smile and laugh is kinda help though. Yeah, in order to balance this uncontrollable emotions of being apart. =p

Lady T.

I'm so excited for Mama that she's now opening her new store; Lady T. Check out this sneak peek and for more, go to Mama's FB.

If anyone interested to purchase online or have any inquiries, just send me an email at;

Just so you know, it is limited edition! Grab now while stock last!!

BTS: My Engagement Day

I know it has been a while but here's a treat, Behind The Scenes (BTS) of my engagement day! ;)

22-12-12 is the date that I'm officially engaged to the man I wholeheartedly love, Incik Pensyarah. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went so well; filled with the positive vibes, joy and incredible bond that everyone shares. 
Since pink is my favorite color (yeah, everyone knows that) I've came out with the idea of Princess theme. And of course, everything has to be in pink color! haha.. 
The Preparations

Canopies: Abah & Mama rented from Encik Razak - recommended by our relatives. Since it's an intimate ceremony attended by relatives and close friends, two canopies should be more than enough to accommodate about 200 people. It's a pyramid canopy with ceiling fan and decorated beautifully with pink-and-white scallop. 
Door Gifts: Mama wanted to give something meaningful and not to be wasted so, Yaasin is the best! Tapi takkan nk bagi Yaasin semata-mata right? Henc…