Monday, December 10, 2012

Versi Incik Pensyarah

Hola pretties!! 

Forgive me if I get on your nerves when you could only find our story for this whole-month-posts. Even I know that you don't give any damn about us. LOL

But yeah, if some of you did, you may know the flow from my previous entry; Cinta MukaBuku =) 

Literally, that is how I perceive our relationship, the emotional growth and our authentic direction. To my surprise, Incik Pensyarah also did one! Haaa~ senyum sampai ke telinga uolls bila baca. kekeke

And forgive me for a zillion-th times that I can't help myself from sharing with you guys. Even yeah, no one cares - FOR GOD SAKE!! 

(nak baca, silakan. taknak baca, SUDAH!)


  1. dah baca.sweet sngt2.ayat incik pensyarah sis, ayat2 novel gitu. hehe. >_< Doakan yg terbaik buat sis. :)

  2. hahaha.. yeap, he's really great in words than me.. Ameen.. thanks dear.. ;)