Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cinta MukaBuku

Assalam and haie dolls!! 

I know I've abandoned my blog for quite sometime AGES! I've been dealing with the unpredictable situations.. And 'love' issue is just part of it. 

I believe that I've made a brief on my last entries about the one who stole my heart, Incik Pensyarah. After 2 years being single, am almost forgot how to love the opposite sex. Guys weren't really important to me when am much into family. Family-girl katanya... ;p

And Incik Pensyarah is a miracle. Cos I have no explanation on how and when exactly it starts. The feelings.... it just happened.

It's a shame that I have to admit that we met in Facebook. blerggggh~  You never knew how much I hate the "cyber-love". Believe me that I always appear offline in chat. Simply cos I don't like to talk to stranger. 

But Incik Pensyarah is another case. He's among Abang's friends who love to tease Abang as their abang ipar in my page and seems, he's the only one who got Abang's green light. ngeeee~


Aug 4, 2012: We met for the first time after been in-touch via net and mobile for about 2 weeks. 

Aug 20, 2012: Met for the second time and celebrate Raya together. 

Aug 31, 2012: His family came to Langkawi for a Merisik Ceremony. 

Our first picture together.

Aug 31: Merisik Ceremony

Told ya, it just happened. We didn't really planned for all that yet everything went smoothly and it seems so right. Alhamdulillah, we're doing really great so far. We just knew each other but we can talk and share almost everything; like a brother-sister, friends and a partner. Everytime am talking to him, it feels like talking to the old friend; we laugh together to the most silly things, we making fun of our flaws/typos which we find it adorable, and we fond each other so much.

I can't believe am now someone's risikan (this is what his friends called me. lol). Allah s.w.t has lead us to the right beginning-path and it's now our turn to color our dream and make it real. Therefore, we bought this book;

Our engagement & wedding book.
We scribble our ideas inside (i.e.: everything) on what we want to do for our engagement & wedding day. Now it starts to look serious. Knowing each other for less than 3 months and we're now planning for marriage. Man, this is SERIOUS!

Nevertheless, am so happy.. Happy to have you, Incik Pensyarah..

p/s: bercinta lepas kahwin lagi indah bukan? n_n

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