Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Typonese Team

To be frank, I do speak and very fluent in typonese. Real good. 

In fact, am capable to create and say one new-non-existence-word which has no meaning at all. lol

Like yesterday, when I was in a car with Incik Pensyarah, I said "careful, nanti pecih!" when I saw a bus got closer to our car. 

PECIH?!! Gosh, I hope he didn't hear it. And what the hell PECIH means? pecah dan bersedih ke apa ni?

To my surprise, he gave me 'that' face. Damn! 

"Sayang cakap apa tadi? Pecih???" 


So yeah, that is so me.. Tershasyul selalu. haish.


Am not alone cos I have a team-mate!! 

Incik Pensyarah bila dah mamai.

He made a spelling mistake when typing too quickly; USKA instead SUKA. 
So, I made fun of it by posting at his (FB) wall. 

And on another day, when I wrongly said TERUI instead TERUS, he got me back! 

Now, we're no longer care who said that wrong, who said this wrong. We just making fun of it in our daily conversation. And it's really enjoyable and entertaining! haha..Cos it just us; who's understand and could laugh together.

The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers & best friends & you can act yourself & they can still love you for who you are.

Cheers to my best friend and love, Incik Pensyarah! 


  1. hmmm!! aq pung uska tenok koang together forevor!!

  2. boni kacak: sechummel saya tak? ahakahakahak.

    shawty: bole mai join kami punya team da kowt.. hehehe.. =p