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Typonese Team

To be frank, I do speak and very fluent in typonese. Real good. 
In fact, am capable to create and say one new-non-existence-word which has no meaning at all. lol
Like yesterday, when I was in a car with Incik Pensyarah, I said "careful, nanti pecih!" when I saw a bus got closer to our car. 
PECIH?!! Gosh, I hope he didn't hear it. And what the hell PECIH means? pecah dan bersedih ke apa ni?
To my surprise, he gave me 'that' face. Damn! 
"Sayang cakap apa tadi? Pecih???" 
So yeah, that is so me.. Tershasyul selalu. haish.
Am not alone cos I have a team-mate!! 

He made a spelling mistake when typing too quickly; USKA instead SUKA.  So, I made fun of it by posting at his (FB) wall. 

And on another day, when I wrongly said TERUI instead TERUS, he got me back! 

Now, we're no longer care who said that wrong, who said this wrong. We just making fun of it in our daily conversation. And it's really enjoyable and entertaining!…

Forever Best Friend

First and foremost, Happy Eid al-Adha everyone. May all your sacrifices are accepted by Allah s.w.t and you are showered upon by His love and blessings. 
Anyways, am updating this; exclusively for my one and always bestfriend, Aida. I did blogged bout her a couple of times in my blog. She used to be my roommate for almost every semesters during Diploma in UiTM Jengka, Pahang. Even though we're not in the same course during Degree but we still making time for each other to meet up.
And we keep doing that until now. ;)
She's like my sister; the one who'll stick together through my thick and thin. And yes, she do act like my sister bila tiap kali kuar mesti dia yg nk belanja. Sampai salesgirl pown tanya ktowg adik-bradik or kwn sbb tgk dia bayar suma untuk I. There's a saying, "Good friend go shopping with you but best friends shop for you!" ;)

So many laughs through the years, and a few stories I hope no one hears, I'll always be by your side, best friends…

Cinta MukaBuku

Assalam and haie dolls!! 
I know I've abandoned my blog for quite sometime AGES! I've been dealing with the unpredictable situations.. And 'love' issue is just part of it. 
I believe that I've made a brief on my last entries about the one who stole my heart, Incik Pensyarah. After 2 years being single, am almost forgot how to love the opposite sex. Guys weren't really important to me when am much into family. Family-girl katanya... ;p
And Incik Pensyarah is a miracle. Cos I have no explanation on how and when exactly it starts. The feelings.... it just happened.
It's a shame that I have to admit that we met in Facebook. blerggggh~  You never knew how much I hate the "cyber-love". Believe me that I always appear offline in chat. Simply cos I don't like to talk to stranger. 
But Incik Pensyarah is another case. He's among Abang's friends who love to tease Abang as their abang ipar in my page and seems, he's the only one who got Aban…