Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kisah 20 haribulan

I'm now been hired by Maxis on last Feb 16th and just start working on the 20th. It is so unplanned and unexpected cos am not coming back to find a job in d first place. After came back from Singapore and Johor, am actually planning to set up my business. But yeah, life never goes according to plan. Seemingly, I'll stay for some time in ma hometown. It's a good thing though.

Well, it's normal for everyone to get enough sleep and rest before ur first day working aite? It is a must in order to let ur body re-energized and have a fresh look for the next big-day. Tapi malam tue tidur saya asyik terganggu dek bunyi notifications di handphone tanpa henti. I kept received the notifications of friend request in my FB like for every minutes! It's crazy dude. Hell, there's must be something wrong with my FB. Kena hacked or wat? Cos I had never received tons of friend requests at the same time. NO. Never. Kalau ada pun 2-3 je la in one day.. But not more than 10 or even 5!?

Sebelum turn on the silent mode, wajib luah prasaan dkt twitter dulu.
This is INSANE!

I didn't bothered to check all the notifications that night cos am busy forcing maself to sleep. I need to have my sleep-time at least 6 hours. Otherwise, my face will totally look dull/pale.  And I won't let it happened in ma first day working. T_T

Think am doing a good job.
I look just fine in my first day.

While in the office, I put down my handheld on the table with normal mode. Means; there's a ringtone and vibration. Mula-mula dgr bunyi notification masuk. Tak lama lepas tue masuk lagi. Then masuk another notification lagi. Dan lagi, lagi, lagi, lagi, lagi, lagilagilagilagila, gila! GOSH! It's like NEVER STOP! Like seriously, what the hell is going on with my FB??!!!!!!!

*turn off*

When I reached home, I can't help myself from checking ma FB via web. I wanna know what is really happened to ma FB. 

And there you go!

 42 friend request????

For real dude??!!!

Yeah, perhaps am a bit jakun when received 42 friend requests then nk kecoh. Of course la because am nobody.  And suddenly, out of nowhere, ada ramai pulak request to be friend kt FB. It's totally doesn't make any sense to me.. 

So, when I scroll down and check in my wall, another shocking news! And that's d reason y so sudden byk friend request kt FB. Now I know why.. huhu.. 

These are the people who are alert and shared with me the link.
Kalau x, mmg smpai kesudah x tahu kenapa..
p/s: Thanks guys =)

Therefore, I wanna give bunch of thanks to the author of these blogs; Up To Mu and ItsMeSaiful for listing me in 19 Blogger Wanita Cantik di Malaysia which indirectly has promoting ma blog.  Thanks so much.

I do believe that every girls are beautiful in their own way and it is too subjective to be claimed. Because beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder. =)

For those have been so supportive, thanks a lot angels.. Nothing I can do to pay back all of ur kindness. Love ya!


  1. hehe.. dah femes memang banyak la orang nak berkenalan.. :)

  2. huhu.. blom femes lg syg.. it juz blog bwu dpt exposure.. ngee~

  3. Tahniah kerana tersenarai..

    Nak berkenalan boleh? ;)

  4. hahhahhaha!! aq rasa cm puasti gila dow!! pdn muke org yg back talk kan, specially for that fuckin' guy (u know who i mean, ryt~)
    awek pastik dia tuh bley challenge? hihih!!

  5. hahahaha.. aku mana layak nk challenge gf dia dowh.. gf dia kn artis. ngeeee~ =p

  6. lalala..mmbe aq lagik glemer.. every second org add.. awek dia ade? hahah!!

  7. uish, awek die mesti la lg rmai request.. huhu..