Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekends Buzz

As I remembered, my last time had manicure and pedicure session was two months ago when I tagged Aida along. Since then, I hardly have time to indulge myself due to work demand. 

So, I promise myself to;
  1. Have mani n pedi session
  2. Shop in Juicy Couture
  3. Get Fossil watch
  4. Look over my car
  5. Grab a book
Proudly to tell that am successfully made it! *Only for mani & pedi and a new book. =.=

What happened to the rest?

Apparently, I need to forget them. Cos money that I planned to use for all listed above has been used to buy new cell phone. sigh sigh sigh. My phone has been stolen. Damn.

The good thing is: It's a wake up call for me to be more-extra-cautious with people whenever step out from home.

The bad thing is: Am officially broke! f**k

So, that's how I end my tragically November. pffft.

Hello December
*please be good to me*

We all know current phenomenon is Ombak Rindu. I read the novel when I was in form 3. Right finished the novel, am hoping that someone will film the story. Surprisingly, someone did!! Tell me how I can miss to watch it??? I wanna watch it badly. SO BAD.

And December? Just like November, they didn't treat me well!!! I missed to watch Ombak Rindu last weekend. Full House. Full House. Full House. Front Sit. DAMN.

In order to chill myself up, together with ms Bestie, YaT, we spend the whole day chit-chatting and cam-whoring. teheee~ =DD Nothing could treat me better than that. *wink*

And yeah, not to forget.. Shopping as well. ngeee~ 

Thought am saying dat I'm broke rite? Yes, am broke but I juz can't help myself from catch this gorgeous stiletto! DAMN HOT!

This time is for real;

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