Monday, December 5, 2011

Dream Wedding Dress

Frankly speaking, I never watch Twilight. Yes. I follow and watch none of them. Just simply the genre doesn't fit me. Am not interested in that kind of story though it has be a trend in today's Universe.

However, I got so fascinated with the wedding dress that Bella wore in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It is so beautiful and unique. I do love the view of the dress both from front and rear. It brings two characters from the dress itself. If we look from front; the bridal looks so innocent and modest with full-length lace-trimmed sleeves. While from rear view; it simply gorgeous and bring the sexy-back element with the cut-out-illusion and buttons on the center of the dress that runs down to the hemline, seemingly tracing the body's contour. Let's check this out!

Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Front View
Rear View

Owh, my... faint everytime look at this wedding dress. Can I have one? =DD

Okay, motif citer baju kawen??


  1. angan-angan hg ja la..realiti hgn harap la nk dapat mcm tu.hahahahhahaha

  2. ceh! x memberi support langsung. =.=

  3. sayang. jangan lupa jemput when the day comes! :)

  4. in sya Allah babe.. but seriously, lmbt lg.. maybe u wt dlu kowt.. teheee~ =DD

  5. This wedding dress that Bella wore in The Twilight Saga is absolutely mind blowing. I bet every woman would love to have this dress for her special day. I am going to have a rustic themed wedding at one of the local New York wedding venues. Might get this dress for my day.