Wednesday, July 20, 2011

tears in the middle of the night

Smile when I'm hurt...

Laugh when I cry...

Silence when I'm upset...

Am too fragile.. but no one ever notice that.

Because I'm just good at hiding it...


  1. we girls are good at hiding our current feelings :)

    i'm a lot like this too. never really share my pain with others cause sometimes i feel like it'll burden them more X___X

  2. ryna tri asmara: agree..but dat's d best we can do. juz to please everybody. in d end, we hurt ourselves. pity us. tsk.

  3. hmm.. aq pun, ritu punyala susah nk tdo.. layan la Spontan ngn Maharaja Lwk.. penat gelak smpai tenangeh tetengah mlm.. ish2~
    (smbl geleng pala)

  4. kejap.. aku x fhm kesinambungan entry nie ngan cter maharajalawak tue cmne.. huhu.. bole cbe explain dgn lebih lanjut?? ngee~ =p

  5. sis darling~ awat? tamo sedey2 na. i syg u!! =DD

  6. huhu.. nothing la dear.. dun worry aite! am good.. =) luv u too dear.. xo!

  7. ny version of "tears in the middle of the night" latu.. gelak sambil nangeh~
    (dgn muke bpk siyes-i make a stupid joke so dat will broke ur sadness dear..noe how u feel..but sumtym,a real best buddy wud neva let their bestie keep cried on & on dear..btul k aq bebel?)

  8. totally right!!
    windu ang gla kowt...
    haih.. byk bnda nk cter..
    tp aku tkot by d time jpa ang, msti aku da lpa nk cter pew.. tehee~ =DD
    neway, life ang ok x?