Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Gift

I am now have a new love. *winkwinkwink*

Meet my keChick!!

Someone gave keChick to me.. It is actually from Mr. AA (bukan kertas Double A ogey) =p huhu.. I got kechick 6 days ago.. Mula-mula sangat la garang. But slowly bile die da kenal, terus manja dan mengada pulak.. tehee~ =DD I still gigih main ngan KeChick though my skin start gatal-gatal cos kulit I lebih mengada dari Kechick. Sgt sensitive! tsk. o.0 But it won't stop me from playing with keChick. 1 hari x usik die mmg x sah. Die sgt adorable. Bgn pg tgk die dlu, suda mndi tgk die dlu, blk keja tgk die dlu, ngah tdo pun bole bgn tgk keChick. I'm so head-over-heels into keChick rite now. ngee~

Btw, thx to Mr AA for this cute gift. Really appreciate it. N I'm so sorry to not have a time with you. It's better for us to keep apart awhile aite! I do respect you as a friend and I hope u'll do d same. I juz need time. N deep inside my heart, I am not willing to do all these things to you but believe me, it's for your own good. Take a gud care of urself aite! xoxo

p/s: I'm heartless. U should know dat.


  1. awww~ it's a hamster, right ? dulu pernah simpan hamster tapi semua pun mati X__X

    useful tips for you :)
    never ever³ give kuaci yang kita selalu makan tu dkt hamster. especially yang panjang² tu. because kan they tend to kumpul makanan byk² dlm mulut. so kalau dorang simpan kuaci panjang tu, they might choke on it.

    just like my last hamster. it's our fault sebab malas beli makanan dia dari pet store. so bagi makan kuaci daddy. then time mati terbaring tu, dalam mulut still full of kuaci panjang.

    sobs ;( sedih pula bila ingat. huhuhu~

  2. thx my dear for a very useful tips. I'll always remember dat.. *wink*