Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Activities

I am not celebrating Valentine's (mind you).

But, I had fun yesterday. Went out with Mr-Cannot-Be-Identified. So unplanned. Really. But again, making time for him is always admirable. *wink*

We watched a movie which is so related to my real life? I could say. hmmm.

So, this is it. No Strings Attached. It's a brilliant movie. I would give 5 ½ stars. Eh? Go n watch it girls!! (i mean, it's only for hot single babes ya) LOLOL =p

To Mr-Cannot-Be-Identified,
I'm so sorry to not gave u any other options for our brunch. All u have are only 1) Nasi Ayam Penyet 2)Nasi Ayam Penyet 3) Nasi Ayam Penyet. Was it too obvious? hee~ (^_^)v

N I love you to know dat u always be gentleman as usual. As the old good days we used to have. It is hard for me to start it all over again cos at the end of the day, we both know that all these s**t are such a waste. So, I prefer not to start anything. I love the way we are today and it is better to keep it this way. At least, we have nothing to end later aite!

We've grown up and we had gone through all phases that people rarely to face with one same person. But we had. Yet, everything remain the same. That's what I love about us. So, dear thx again for the day. I noe, I'm not treated u well. But this is the way for me to keep us in track. Nicely. xoxo

p/s: First time mimpi kne attack ngan ular secara berjemaah. They were trying to bite me. It's SCARY! damn.


  1. he's cannot be identified. tehee~ =DD

  2. nasi ayam penyet !!! i like it too :D sadly, susah cari di sini. sobs~

  3. siyesly? poor u.. it's ogey, nxt time u come to KL i'll treat u nasi ayam penyet aite! *wink*