Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: Special ReCap

Haie dolls!! It'd been quite a long time I am not updating d trainee's activities. tehee~ =DD I'm so sorry to post these so late. I've been so sick and haven't had the energy to do anything! Now that I'm feeling better so, I finally can share with you some of the event's pics dat I've left out so many weeks. Correction. It has been a MONTH!! pfft. o.0

Let's check out d event that is so in PAST. Month ago. LOL Which is Le Tour d Langkawi (LTdL). I've mentioned bout it before I'm leaving for d event btw. U can read HERE to know the actual date of the post. (to make u believe dat I'm talking bout a month past event actually.kahkahkah)

So, basically I've joined LTdL after 3days it began. X dpt nk join awal2 cos there r tons of works in d office needed to complete first. Only when they were in Genting I managed to join til the end of the event which d finale stage was in Dataran Merdeka.

Well, Eifa and I actually joined the Cavalcade team. Thanks to Dato' for d exposure and experience dat we had. He's d one who wanted us to join diz event and we owed him a lot. Surely. *wink* Anyway, those who have no idea what is Cavalcade, here's d pic;

So, this is what we called Cavalcade. The team dat has so many cars (include the sponsor cars) to convoy with the cyclists. We were 1 hour ahead of the cyclists in order to do a promotion along the road by distribute the promotional materials.

A week joined the Cavalcade team was AWESOME! We stopped at so many places. Meaning, we've stayed in so many hotels along d event. D best part was when we got the Executive Suite Room. Sumpah, it was so COOL!

So many things happened there and I do wanna share. It juz that I tkot u guys muak. hahaha. I think I should stop here. But no worries, I'm leaving with you d pics. ngee~ (^_^)v

Orait, enough with LTdL. Cont to another event. Hermm.. Not really an event. But it juz part of the social activities. (nothing to do with the trainee's task. teheee~ =DD)

For the first time I jejak masuk stadium just to watch a football match. Can u believe dat??!! Me? watching FOOTBALL match??!! HAHAHA I really want to freeze the time if I can. lalala~ o.0 I'm pretty jakun there. kahkahkah. It's like a new world for me. Really. Yet, it ain't good for my health. I hate to be surrounded by smokers. arrrh! Betul-betul rasa pernafasan terjejas. But what to do. It's a guys' place man!!! Love it or hate it, u need to deal with it. *pasrah* Owh, btw it was Malaysia vs Hong Kong. I got so excited when I watched d ball hit d goal nets! Like "hey, I'm watching it!! I'm watching it!! Bola masuk gol!!!" (Ogey, I noe.. Sounds so jakun. Suda. Enough!)

Baru je settle with LTdL, we are now busy with upcoming event which is Jelajah 1 Malaysia. Again, it is a cycling event. This event will be on this coming March. It is normal to be extra busy before the event. And In sya Allah, Eifa and I again will be joining this event from A to Z. For this event it takes 3 different states. Starting in Kluang go to Pekan and will be ended in Nilai. Sure lps nie kulit I tan. hahaha..

This is during the launch day at Royal Chulan Hotel.

And today, I just went back from OCM for the PC (press conference) of 100 Plus Jersey Presentation as one of the sponsors for this event. It is too bad that I couldn't catch up myself in telly during berita. Only knew it from colleague. tsk. =_=

Anyway, I think dat's enough. GOSH!! I da merapu sgt pajang. Ogey, da smpai salah eja lg. Panjang. pfft. (@_@) Take care loves. xoxo

p/s: Got theatre ticket of Terima Kasih Cinta from CEO. *wink* The theatre was so amazing! I loike~ =DD

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tanda Merah

saya merah marah


Saja nk tunjuk skarg I pakai red nail color. tehee~ =DD Ogey bukan. It's a normal auntie-flow every month. Jgn nk mcm2 ogey. Klaw x nk jeritan "Mother F!!!" bergema. Mood swing, kpale berat, pinggang sakit, body lenguh, muka mcm zombie, dan paling x bole terima, jerawat timbul (APA NIE??!!!)

p/s: diam.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The UNidentified

The UNidentified GUY

The UNidentified TIME

The UNidentified SCENE

The UNidentified REASON

The UNidentified FEELINGS

The UNidentified CAUSE

The UNidentified STATUS

The UNidentified MEANING

The moment u said, "I love you."



p/s: you make me speechless mr-cannot-be-identified. arrrhh!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 7

11.30 p.m. - Still in the office.


Tunjuk muka penat.

X bole la!

Nk senyum jugak~


p/s: suda bole pkai kasut fave semula.

pp/s: apa je yg u x buat utk I kn.. =_="

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Midnight Note:

Thx dear for always sanggup jd pak pacak tgu I..

Even just for a short supper. =_="

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am listen NO MORE


Again, you are the saver.

Like you always did.

Thanks syg for always be there..

p/s: Did I just called u 'sayang'? >.<

pp/s: You are the VIP in my SOS's list. huhu..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Gift

I am now have a new love. *winkwinkwink*

Meet my keChick!!

Someone gave keChick to me.. It is actually from Mr. AA (bukan kertas Double A ogey) =p huhu.. I got kechick 6 days ago.. Mula-mula sangat la garang. But slowly bile die da kenal, terus manja dan mengada pulak.. tehee~ =DD I still gigih main ngan KeChick though my skin start gatal-gatal cos kulit I lebih mengada dari Kechick. Sgt sensitive! tsk. o.0 But it won't stop me from playing with keChick. 1 hari x usik die mmg x sah. Die sgt adorable. Bgn pg tgk die dlu, suda mndi tgk die dlu, blk keja tgk die dlu, ngah tdo pun bole bgn tgk keChick. I'm so head-over-heels into keChick rite now. ngee~

Btw, thx to Mr AA for this cute gift. Really appreciate it. N I'm so sorry to not have a time with you. It's better for us to keep apart awhile aite! I do respect you as a friend and I hope u'll do d same. I juz need time. N deep inside my heart, I am not willing to do all these things to you but believe me, it's for your own good. Take a gud care of urself aite! xoxo

p/s: I'm heartless. U should know dat.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Activities

I am not celebrating Valentine's (mind you).

But, I had fun yesterday. Went out with Mr-Cannot-Be-Identified. So unplanned. Really. But again, making time for him is always admirable. *wink*

We watched a movie which is so related to my real life? I could say. hmmm.

So, this is it. No Strings Attached. It's a brilliant movie. I would give 5 ½ stars. Eh? Go n watch it girls!! (i mean, it's only for hot single babes ya) LOLOL =p

To Mr-Cannot-Be-Identified,
I'm so sorry to not gave u any other options for our brunch. All u have are only 1) Nasi Ayam Penyet 2)Nasi Ayam Penyet 3) Nasi Ayam Penyet. Was it too obvious? hee~ (^_^)v

N I love you to know dat u always be gentleman as usual. As the old good days we used to have. It is hard for me to start it all over again cos at the end of the day, we both know that all these s**t are such a waste. So, I prefer not to start anything. I love the way we are today and it is better to keep it this way. At least, we have nothing to end later aite!

We've grown up and we had gone through all phases that people rarely to face with one same person. But we had. Yet, everything remain the same. That's what I love about us. So, dear thx again for the day. I noe, I'm not treated u well. But this is the way for me to keep us in track. Nicely. xoxo

p/s: First time mimpi kne attack ngan ular secara berjemaah. They were trying to bite me. It's SCARY! damn.


DELeting process...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

psychic STALKER[s]

[click at d pic to enlarge]

Somehow I have to agree that technology is one of the reasons to the growth of massive stalkers. tsk.

NVM, let's get back to the pic above. I didn't really answer the questions properly cos malas nk explain pjg2 dlm Formspring. Tempat khas membebel cuma pada blog. Harap maklum. Hanya yg tabah mampu baca. huhu.. =p

I dunno wat's the problem with all these people. Life is easy dude! Ko x suka blog aku, ko xyah baca. Simple. Blog aku pink sbb nie blog aku. Right? Kalau ko agak2 letak color lain lg best, ko buat la kt blog ko sendiri. X susah kan? [ke ko sakit hati sbb ko x pndai nk buat layout??] LOLOL

Btw, apa pangkat ko ada suka-suka nak tumbuk aku? Kalau da cukup berani, apahal ko x reveal diri ko?? Apsal pengecut sgt jd anon?? Kalau x ckup berani, jd stalker diam-diam suda la.. Apa hal nk gelabah nyemak kt formspring aku?? Life ko bosan sgt ea?? Cuma mampu jd loser stalk blog aku, then attack formspring aku as anon? LOLOLOL

Get your life bitch!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Knowing my smile.
Knowing me.
It just gonna hurt you.

p/s: Hati ini, aku sahaja tahu.