Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 5

Haie loves!! This is a quick Wednesday's update. Juz got back from lunch with my boss, Ms. Saera at Marciano's. I could say that she is our makan partner. Naik segan owh asyik di belanja je. ngehngeh~ My Saturday morning pun da di booked oleh beliau. Jd teman b/fast. Jgn buat-buat kagum bila weekend I mampu bgn awal juz for the sake of breakfast ogey! Cos I had a b/fast with style. LOL Mne x style kalau b/fast pun kt Dome, KLCC. Gara-gara Ms. Saera kempunan pancake Dome. tsk. Sgt style bukan? =_="

So yesterday, I worked on proposal of Jelajah 1 Malaysia for this coming March with Mr. Zach n Aziemah. At first I was like, "owh, sket je nie.." Plus I've been informed that we should show to Dato' the proposal at 6pm for his approval. But then, we couldn't complete it on time. And bila Dato' dtg check, he added on few things. Meaning, dat keja is no more, "owh, sket je nie.." but has changed to "owh, da smakin byk nie.." pfft. Only at 12.45AM we managed to finish it. N I smpai uma bout at 1AM. Penat.

Today lak I have to wake up early cos need to prepare for the presentation but unfortunately I cannot be around cos I need to accompany / bring Ms. Saera met client (since she sent her car for service). After worked like machine now I got plenty time to blog. yeish! =p

Just to share with you that I'll be leaving tomorrow; off to Genting. Thx to Dato' cos giving us this chance to be part of the team that handle the Le Tour dLangkawi (LTdL) event. How cool is dat?!! I da super teruja skarg. ngee~ =DD Will update u guys with the pictures there aite! *wink* Take care dolls! N don't missing me. xoxo

Today's Resolution: Nk blk sharp on 6pm. lalalala~ MySpace

p/s: Genting, here are the HSB coming yaaaaaaw!!!

*note: HSB - Hot Single Babes =p