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Haie loves!! Recently I have to say dat I've fallen in love with FS. Bukan Friendster harap maklum. Tp Formspring. hee~ :D

Sometimes wujud soalan-soalan yg menguji minda n x kurang jugak soalan-soalan yg agak kontroversi mencungkil rahsia. LOL

And the case of this guy, masuk nie da 2 kali I published soalan dia kt sini. Cos it has become my favorite questions. lalalala~ o_0 THIS is the first one. Lg 1 soalan ada kt bwh nie (just click at the pic to enlarge) ;

pergggh~ jawaapn xnk dramatik lg kn. LOL

*Amik mode jiwang sekejap*

Frankly speaking, I enjoy my single life rite now. And it is almost 3 months already. Mengagumkan. I'm SINGLE for 3 months yaaaaaw!! I can say that I never live without a guy in my life. Cikai-cikai after a day broke up mesti da couple lain da. But it was a long time ago. When I'm was too young. Hidup nk lepak je. Perasaan bukan isu. 

But things different now. (tiba-tiba nada da nk mcm akak-akak. ngee~) I've grown up. Pemikiran pun da lain sikit. Kalau dulu hidup enjoy je. But now, I'm more serious in life. As in there's another big issue I have to think about rather than love. Okay. Dun get me wrong. I'm not cutting guys out of my life altogether. It just that I wanna vacation from dating. Cos it might be just what I need to get re-energized.

And now, I started to love this single life! Okay. Tipu la kalau x de rasa nak org syg n belai. Tp I lagi sayang nak tinggal kebebasan sekarag. I had gave all of my heart to my past love for 6 years. And now, I wanna love myself before I love somebody. Cos I'm afraid, I can't make that 'somebody' happy. Siapa x suke kalau org sudi nak menyintai. Tapi I x nak dicintai kerana takut I akan melukai. (Okay. Skarg da rse tekak meloya)

Guess what? Being single is so much fun! When I realized that I could tune into my random impulses and favorite habits without worrying about anyone else. It just a great feelings! N guys for me rite now are more than just date material! I'm simply being friendly. As in I'm not interested in a guy romantically, I actually really like to just hanging out. That's all.

Nevertheless, when the time is coming. When I'm totally ready for a commitment in serious relationship. I'm surely ready to open my heart. It just that the time ain't coming yet. MySpace

p/s: Penat membebel. Just wanna ensure things are crystal clear to all MRs aite! Have a good day. *wink*


  1. membebel je tau ek
    single itu indah kan

  2. hahaha.. yea, sy sukew membebel. ;p
    yup2!! single is so beautiful!! tehee~ :DD

  3. member i dah bnyak kali tanye i sampai biler nak single
    i ckp le sampai bis study n then dpt keje bru pk couple uat mase ckunk i hepy ngan kehidupan single mingle
    hahahhah busykan diri anda ngan study

  4. huhu.. great idea! tp klaw da dew yg b'kenan jgn la tolak. :p

  5. xpele
    entah u uat mase ckunk i x nak pk pasal cintan cintun nie
    der le kan minat kat someone nie
    biler dier pakai 2dung ayu beb
    u blh teka sape kan ?

  6. uishk. sapew tue?? xnk share ngan i kew? huhu

  7. huhuhuh
    rase2 u tau kot
    puteri hatikah orang itu?

  8. owhh
    i dah confused btol ke i minat si dier i pun x fhm ngan perasaan i ckunk 2. i jujur le kan 1st i tgk pic
    u yg u pkai 2dung tyme u p htyai 2
    emmm gler cute bdk 2 .paztu i pk owhhh layak ke i nak menyukai bdk 2

  9. hahaha.. puteri gunung ledang xnk? :P

  10. emmm peli nmpak
    x nak le putri ledang
    puteri salju ke
    segale bgai puteri le
    puterihati?jap nak pk

    i nak study je
    2 yg penting
    cinta 6 or 7 thun lg

  11. i second the motion yaaaw!! bwu btol ank soleh. teheee~ :DD

  12. huhuhuh
    anak soleh?
    owhh i like it
    ee jgn bercinta
    dah dua bulan single nie
    tp bdk 2 blh berthan 9 bulan single kot lg dasyat kan

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. owh, really? sapewkah yg b'tahan smpai 9 bulan tue?

  15. x tau le puteri maner entah
    sape mkn cili dier terase pedas kan
    bgs tau bdk nie

    yg pasti bdk nie cute segale bgai le

  16. opppp
    bukan 9 bulan 3 bulan le

  17. hye sis darling~hehe.
    spe ee ni?? dy nk ngorat sis ea. single roxx n u also roxx!

    hye ee!!
    im matahari.
    lil sis of puteri hati.
    she's the coolest sis taw.
    owez be my sis darling.*Wink*

  18. my deary matahari: dat's y i wanna b single. Cos single is totally roxx yaaaaw!! *wink*

    btw ee.. meet my lil sis matahari. D sweetest lil sis ever.. :DD

  19. owhhh
    hye matahari btw
    yup ur sis very2 cool peps
    that y i like puteri hati
    suke betol ke ee nie?
    huhuhuhu 2 ee je tau k
    yup single is totally roxx
    i love roxx 4ever
    i nak single selame 7 thun
    i nak capai impian i
    nak dpatkan kan ar of architecture
    cinta uat mase ckunk tolak ke tepi
    pendamkan saje perasaan 2
    orang yg kiter syg x semestinyer kiter dpat


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