Thursday, December 30, 2010

: ))

*petikan perbualan dr YM

dp: tp klau bukan .............. pun
dp: u r special to me

xoxo: sbb?

dp: cos ang kental
dp: diz is based on my observation
dp: tgk dia lyn ang cmna dlu

(ogey, da start sebak nieh)

dp: ang pilihan no 1 kalau nk buat jd wife


Terus x dpt thn nk gelak. Dari rasa sebak sayu trus taip " :)) " (emoticon gelak berdekah-dekah kalau kt YM) hahahahahaha..

U make my day dude! LOLOLOL

p/s: Thx dude 4 being so supportive. Though we aren't originally friend (he's my ex's friend actually) but u still updating n being a good friend of mine. N it is not only him, lots of my ex's friends keep checking on me just to ensure dat I'm fine. How sweet of u guys.. Terharu.

pp/s: I still believe that Allah knows better. And action speaks louder than word. I don't have to say even a word to make them believe me. But they have that trust on me. I really appreciate it guys. xoxo


  1. awwww~ your ex's friends are being sooooo darling ! :) bagus ada kawan macam tu.

  2. yes he is.. N i'm so thankful for dat.. :)

  3. comey perangai depa2. sweet~
    i trust u with all my heart my sis darling.*wink*

  4. lokmanhakimkamaruding: perrrrrgghhh~ pjg glew nme.. huhu.. d title is " :)) " It's like LOL

  5. matahari dear: thx love.. I noe u do.. *winkwink*

  6. bestnyer dpt kwn cmtu..
    clash pn still dpt berkwn..

  7. yup2!! they juz being nice to me.. :D