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[ Great Friends = Great Movies ]

Ingt x, in my previous entry I penah mentioned yg I x ske cter yg kejam2 kn.. Tp lately nie, I byk lak tgk action movie.. Huu~ I sndri pon cm x bley cye.. heh. I x brani nk byk songeh kn sbb org yg blanje.. ngee~ So, redha je la.. Tp ble da abesh tgk, I cm pretty enjoy jugak la.. huhuhu.. cter2 yg I tgk tue mmg kejam tp since time part bunuh2 tue xde shot yg close-up sgt kn.. So, I cm bley jugak la nk tgk.. Though ada gak certain part, I akan ttup mte ble part yg sgt kejam... Klau stakat scene tembak2 cm g2 je, I ok lg.. Jgn close-up part tikam2 ke, cungkil bji mte ke, etc.. tue I mmg x bley blah.. huu~

Ouh, John Travolta.. He's so funny dlm cter nie.. Mke da gns abesh, tp klakar.. So, I xla stress sgt kn.. Seriously, I cm t'jatuh chenta lak kt cter nie.. ngee~

Hero cter nie, chummel.. geessh~ Mcm besh gak cter nie even geli je tgk kpale Uma Thurman.. huu~ Again, I enjoy watched diz movie.. =DD

Last but not least, Solomon Kane.. Ouh, die hero tue yg macho n sgt style tme fighting. hee~ (^_^)v Wat else I can say, I simply love it. huhuhu..

Insan2 yg b'ati mulia blanje I tgk wyg mmg besh. hu3.. Cm tau2 je I ngah broke + stress N at d same time ada hati nk enjoy jugak.. Sbb... I need it. I need to go out, I need to stop thinking bout asmnt 4 a sec, I need time for myself. heh. (nada m'berontak sket.hu3..) Thx to Que n Wan.. =DD Ampa mmg t'baek la.. huu~

Que - Kwn I since dr skolah rendah lg.. Sma2 satu claz dr standard 6 (I guess) smpai form 1 (cuz form 2 I da pndah skolah laen da..) Tme skolah, xde la close sgt.. I penah slapped die tme form 1 dlu.. huhuhu.. (x tau die still ingt ke x.. hopefully die da lpe..ngee~ sbb lps 2 I da rse guilty sgt kt die..hehehe..) =p Reason y, sbb die bising dlm claz tme tue.. (I ketua claz merangkap prefect skolah. - cewah~ smpat lg nk poyo. ngee~) (^_^)v I mmg allergic sket ngan bising yg t'lampau.. Mmg t'amat benci attitude yg ske wt bising gle2 mcm dunia die yg punya.. (xspecially girls yg ada attitude cm g2.. bg I tue prangai kg sgt.. heh. sowie t'kutuk.. i dun give a damn.huhuhu..) Ogey, back to Que.. Ktorg start jpe blk ble da smbung dgree kt S.Alam.. Then we start to be a good friend. He's so nice and a really-really good friend of mine.. Die la jugak guardian I kt cnie ble tme bf I xde.. Time nk blk Langkawi, die kne tmnkn (mind u, I nie kn STM-short term memory loss bab2 jalan nieh..) So, die kne tmn.. Otherwise, I mmg akan sesat. huhuhu.. Die bg option kt I, "Nk aku blnje mkn ke muvie?" heh. Npe x bley blanje 2-2 ea?? So, die blnje I tgk Percy Jackson n blablabla tue.. hehehe.. Thx buddy. (^_*)

Wan - Diz lil guy, I da anggap mcm abg sndri.. Though die kecik comey n x layak nmpk cm abg pon tp since he's older than me so, I respect die mcm abg I sndri.. hehehe.. Xde duit, die la kasi pnjam.. Xde duit nk mkn, die bwa kuar blanje mkn.. Xde kdt, kasi topup.. Ouh, he's so kind.. I start rapat ngan die tme I msuk S.Alam gak.. Then, skarg die da grad.. Da keje da pon, dat's y die senang hati menolong I in terms of money support.. Die always says, "Phm student's life cmne.. Slalu xde duit.." baek kn die? Sgt! huhuhu.. =p Cter From Paris with Love n Solomon Kane, beliau la yg blnje.. huhuhu.. Thx Bro!! =DD

p/s: C, I'm not a player k.. My bf tawu jew ble I kuar ngan diorg.. Dun simply gossip bout me alrite.. huh.


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