Friday, December 18, 2009

finding ME,

Rindunye kt my Blog.. I've been bz lately cuz we're juz finished wt kenduri b'khatan adk I. So, bley imagine la ble sume rakyat jelata (as in adik bradik from both sides) da b'hmpun. ngee~ But it was fun indeed. Sit together, have a chat all nite long, bring 'em for shopping (W.A.J.I.B) n yeah, ktorg g picnic jugak~ (^_^) Sgt besh kn.. (SANGAT!)

I now, da sgt CHILL. t'OVER chill agaknye.. X tau nape.. I'm so thankful 4 dat. Biasela dlm hidup nie, msti ada UPs and DOWNs kn.. It juz d matter of time n how we handle it. I think I'm ready to move on, go, go, go, go - not looking back n neva stop. I neva blame myself nor things dat had happened cuz there's a reason 4 dat. When I'm mad, I say sumthing inane, dat might hurts people n me either. [It's gal stuff anyway. U won't understand if u aren't a gal.heh.] Well, I'm still ME. I mean, I neva change [WON'T perhaps] but I do regret to lose sumthing precious which called FRIENDSHIP or a FRIEND. (a real GREAT fwen. trust me.) It juz not belong to me. Dat's it. Again, Allah noes better what's gud 4 me.

p/s: So, I wish diz FRIEND-USED-TO-BE for all happiness n May Allah bless you. =DD

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