Friday, December 11, 2009

.:: Let by GONE be by GONE ::.

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I'm pretty LOST last couple weeks n I juz dunno Y.. My life is fucking Chaos.

1) Mke naek jerawat, then
2) Skt mte, next
3) Jd ulser lak. adoi~

I've been thinkin a lot bout myself - as in EVERYTHING. But can't figure out y diz is happen to me. I now realize dat I t'lalu alpa dgn duniawi (sounds so BAEK kn. huhuhu) But yeah, it's a fact. D real feelings of me. I start praying n ask for having my life again. I wanna b d old ME. Being naive n innocent. But I noe, there is no way dat I could turn back d time. Past is Past.

Noe wat? Yes,I did get my life BACK!! Lps I check my result last nite. I get myself in Bliss again. Alhamdulillah, my result not dat bad. Can consider as so-so la. Still 3 pointer n above tp still x leh dpt DL. It's ogey.. Mmg 2 standard result I dr dip lg n stick in d same range. hmm~ Pew nk wt.. Huhuhu. Pas2 bley plak my fwen nie wat lawak sengal kn, " Ala, ko kn da yuhaDean, xyah la nk DeanList lg." Hampeh tul. huh. Tp bernas gak lak idea lawak bengong tue. hehehe.. (^_^)

On top of dat, I da x sbr nk blk S.Alam.. I da x kesah bout people. Lantak la pew diowg nk gosip psl I, nk tunggang t'balik kew, I DA X KESAH. All I noe is, juz two reasons napew I gewdik sgt nk blk S.Alam.huhuhu..

I xnk amik pusing hal owg laen. Klaw diowg nk amik taw psl I pown, lantak la. I nk focus on my study. DL bebeh, DL bebeh!! D to d E to d A to d N to d L to d I to d S to d T = DEAN LIST!!

p/s: Sowie kinda bengong sket pg2 cm gnie.. huhuhu..

pp/s: Diz is ME. Im a tough Woman (huh. woman kew?) ngee~

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