Friday, July 17, 2009

^^ It'S a n3u ChApt3r ^^

Msuk ari nie, da 2 weeks start claz.. diz sem is pretty TOUGH. yeala, 1st week pown da dew asmnt. ingtkn bley lepak2 lg. adoiyai~ sumhow, i juz enjoy come back to S.A. - jpe ngan my cute gal-fwenz of coz n start living a student-life again. it's damn AWESOME!
tgu abg ICT bke pntu clz. student dedikasi yg dtg awl. lalalala~ =p (cdt to: missy eifa)
Td dlm claz copywriting - we used to present our 2nd n 3rd asmnt. 3rd asmnt is a group asmnt n it's deeply discuss bout the creative strategy sheet (in term of advertising part). n for d 2nd asmnt (it's an individual asmnt) - dat we need to make an ad yg b'tajok - "The Real Me". it's kind of how to promote / position urself.
Since tajok pon "d real me" - harusla wt exactly pe yg reflect dri kte sndri rite? i got d idea in a very last min.. hu3.. tp d outcome, bley thn la.. coz lect pon m'beri respon yg baek. so, congrats to myself n of coz insan yg menolong dlm hasil kejew i - Mr. Wan.
Thx dude!

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