Saturday, November 10, 2012


And it's stopped raining...

Assalam and haie dolls!!! 

So, these past few days am kinda have weird feelings.  You know the feeling of not knowing what you are feeling??? pfffft. Sometimes you feel hard to breathe like your chest being compressed by a heavy weight and sometimes the heartbeats go crazy like you just finished your 1KM sprint. Mad, upset, moron, paranoid, affected; all in one.

But I might consider few factors that lead to this syndrome;

  1. Over-thinking (due to lotsa free time huh). 
  2. Read too much? I shouldn't read what shouldn't be read. Hence, am gonna read what brings the positive vibes ONLY. Period!
  3. Unsociable. Staying in the hometown (my parents' second house in Kedah) has me completely stuck. I'm going nowhere even my parents' mobility is here. And reason being? I dunno where to go!! I can't find any good spot yet. Nak cari kedai makan pun puas fikir. sigh. 

Ultimately, music becomes my best friend when nobody else understands me. 


  1. im all alone in johor. staying at home alone. so sad. :(

  2. same goes here.. lone ranger in Kedah.. sobs!