Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ME time

Normally when people asked me,
"Hey, watcha doing in weekend?"

For sure la I'll answered in the coolest way ever kn.
"Owh, hangout with my girls, go to shop, catch latest movie in cinema and stuffs.."
(ogey, x cool pown)

But at least it's waaaaay better than this,
"Owh, nothing much.. Just read books"

Which is so damn pathetic to admit THAT IS THE FACT man!!!!

Fine, I dun need to lie pun actually. I don't want to either. It just that, who's gonna believe diz GIRL

going to read a book during weekend?? Tell me who?


SEE! No ONE believe kn?


I got myself two fancy books this month. Since working, I don't really have so much time to read though. Yet, to buy is still a must. tehee~ =DD But, yeah, I still gigih curi 10mins for 2-3 pages in a day. Sgt lems skarg. I miss d time of vacation with books. It's heaven. (ayat xnk nerd lg kn) tsk. >.<


  1. i love books too xD heee~ tapi normally kalau ada banyak kerja, saya prefer nda baca buku. hahaha~ because i couldn't be stopped. terus terganggu aktiviti lain sebab layan buku. hehehe~

    btw, i love being in a bookstore. like times or popular. ngeee~ :D

  2. hi-5 gal!! i love spending time in bookstore. like never wanna go out from there. hee~ =DD

  3. comel babe. bagi i pinjam laaah. :)

  4. huhu.. no prob babe!! *wink*

  5. whoa!! sm la ngn aq, hoyeah!! but i prefer comic then novel~ hahahahahahah!!

  6. i suka gak bce tp comics+magazines la.novel wat i ngantuk trok. klo i xley tido bkk novel 5secs tros ZZZZZZZ.teheee~

  7. sangat sedang berdiri di bawah..
    (translate 2 very understanding)

  8. aini dear: lolol i do love mag too. but not so into comic. tehee~ (^_^)v

    yaT babe: harusla kn.. klaw x, mna bole jd bestie. =p