Friday, April 8, 2011

Maxime Matter

People always say that French guys are romantic, charming and lovable. Which make them so irresistible.

Honestly, I have no idea. But somehow, that is what film love to portrait them. Right?

Until I met this guy names Maxime (now u noe wat's d title is all about aite. Hey, am back talking bout guy!!! wootwoot~) =p We met during my last event which is Jelajah 1 M'sia. It's actually the cycling event. So, Maxime is one of the cyclists who took part in that competition. And he's from France!

Technically, it was started when Eifa wanted to take a picture with them (d France's cyclists). Surprisingly, he came to me after that and asked to take a picture together (only him and I). What a surprise!! A foreigner asked to take a pic with me! Can u believe dat?! Da tak perasan cm artist lak lps tue kn. kahkahkah.

So, dat was it. We took a pic and I smiled then I walked away. Like that? Yes, just like that! I noe, bongok kn. tsk. =_="

Sampai one of the staffs yg dew kt situ ckp dkt I,
"Apsal ko x kasi email ko kt die? Ckp la nk suh die antar gmbr td kt ko. Nti ko bole chat ngan die."

Sometimes I can be so bimbo. Smpai nk kne owg ajar how to flirt be nice with new people that interested in me. haaaaaish.

The next day, when I was talking to my course mate with her boss, Maxime was there too.. But I can't simply stop the conversation with them just for d sake I-wanna-talk-to-him. Seriously, it is so rude. Again, I just ignored him while he seemed wanna talk to me. I just dunno how should I react though. tsk. =_=

Only until the last day of the event, I met him again. Yet, I was in the conversation with the boss of Harley Davidson. Dammit! Fortunately, he was brave enough to come close and again, asked to take a picture. X kesah la as long as I got d chance to talk to him. Then bwu I brani ckp I want dat picture and hope he could send it to my email. Bravo!

So, we changed our email add and had a lil conversation, which to my surprise he can't speak English and hard to understand it! hadoyaaaaaai~ Now I noe, y people always say that you need to at least noe a French word when u are in their state. They won't bother if you speak English to them. Unless you talk your language first (except English) then they'll entertain you.

I really thought it'll finish there. I don't really think that he'll bother to email me and so-what-not. I REALLY DON'T THINK SO. neaaah-aaaaahh~ *geleng-geleng kepala

But, am totally wrong! He did emailed me when he arrived in Singapore 'till he got home in France. And of course, d email is so hard to understand. lol

Stiap kali bce email die, I need to brainstorm with Eifa as my translator first before reply. And it is not easy am telling you! Sbb I tkot I slh interpret d msg jew. But I'm so relieve when he finally found the Google Translate. Which makes it easier for me to understand. hahaha

*note: simply click at d pic to enlarge.

It's kinda cute! huhu..

And now it has proven dat French guy bisa mencairkan hati dara.
Melting every time I read his email.

Meet Maxime.
am accidentally in love with him.
(♥ ____________ ♥)

p/s: He'd promised wanna come to M'sia soon just to stay with me. And I don't noe dat he's so serious bout diz whole-unbelievable-relationship until he started to talk about marriage, religion and so-whatever. This is so awkward man!! pfffft.

pp/s: And I just dunno am I really ready for this. huaarrrrhhh~


  1. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ i look like an idiot now cause i'm holding back my enthusiasm towards this. this is too cute to handle xD

    but yes, this is scary. cause you don't know his real intentions o__O

    and yes, he is good looking. now tell me where do all these malaysian girls went wrong for ogling those sepet eyes celebrities huh ? lol~

  2. n u r juz too cute too dat i need to handle.. haha.. =p

  3. aww cute bha.harapnya dia nda tipu akk.tapi orgnya

  4. because he's too cute tue la susah.. =) huhu

  5. lah kenapa susah?takod org pikat?haha

  6. sort he's foreign. cm x layak jew rsanyew.. =_=

  7. Aww , so cute :) orangnye sweet macam akak :) SERIOUS , lovely match ouh :D

  8. hi..slame nih just jadi silent reader..

    tapi entry this time macam sangat cute!hehehe..

    he is adorable!you are so lucky.. ^_^

    just hope for the best..hehe

    even memang agak pelik la..sebab macam cepat sangat jatuh cinta..but if memang dah jodoh, nak buat macam mana kan..^_^

  9. han rasalah just look and see.Lagipun agama dia berbeza,sanggup ke nak jadi islam?hmm

  10. fuyoo gile best ada orang minat. siap "my heart seems to be in your hands" lagi tuu. untung badan. =)

  11. kiera: *blushing* =DD

    cik aina: owh, so sweet of you.. thx dear.. xoxo

    iqa: really? well,thank God i have diz entry so at least i noe u.. =) somehow, i dun think i deserve him. n yeah, it's quite weird kn.. ble cm cpt sgt die fallin in love. i pown sometimes rse cm x p'cye. huhu

  12. hana: we actually had discussed bout d religion issue. he said he got no prob to convert. since he's not really practice Christian. but yeah, it ain't dat simple. =_=

    afique: minat is a normal thing. but it's different when a foreigner likes u. am so clueless rite now.

  13. whoa!!!!!!!!!!!
    bapak ah!!!!!!!
    jst get 2 noe each other lah!! xslh kn, think of d fate.. survey+treasure deeply.. hah!! idup nih cm game kn, so enjoy jela, but watchout.. jgn smpai u lose n game over sudeh.. well, u noe d best 4 ur life ryt..

  14. haha.. well, actually dat's wat we're doing rite now. get 2 noe each other.. but now, he seems so serious with diz r/ship which i never expect to be diz far.. he starts looking for apartment around kl, ask about d cost of living here, marriage, discuss bout changing d religion, etc. aku da cuak skarg.. tsk. =_=

  15. haha habislah akk.kuang kuang kuangh

  16. OMG!!! he's adorable. he got my 'YES'. owh sis...give it a try k.

    p/s: but still u have to be careful k. IMY.hee~

  17. argh!!!! gla lah mamat tuh!! luv @ 1st dow+foreign+language probs 2 comm.. hmmm.. t kta txt through hp jela..

  18. I think this meeting has not happened just like that ...
    Since our first look I think only you, and all that I promised myself I would keep if you still want in November ..
    it's a beautiful start of story ... us to continue the script

    i love you...

  19. oh tidakkkkk!! dia dah komen!!! hehehe..habis2... =P

    just pray for the best la..insyaAllah semua akan ok.. ^_^