Monday, January 24, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 4

Haie dolls!! I owe u guys one BIG HELL an apologize cos have spoiled this day by posting those emotional entries. (refer to the 3 entries below). tsk. =_=" Should I excuse myself n blame this PMS thingy? pfft. I'm so sorry for being irrational. Nie la masalah bila melibatkan perasaan. grrrr~

I'm barely acknowledged my own feelings. The feelings of acceptance and existence of love. I just realized that I'm not ready yet to commit in any serious relationship. I dun wanna get back to my old-suck-love-life. I enjoy to be single in the moment and make worth of it. And as for that, I would love to take my sweet time to do what I love to do regardless other's feeling. It is such a bless u know. 

So, anyway.. It is so obvious that today I xde keja. Siap bole post 3 entries during working hour. Normally I won't have that chance to update blog during workdays. Tunggu weekend baru bole update. Tp hari nie adalah hari paling membahagiakan tanpa keja. *wink* (excluding those emotional issues)

Wearing baju kurung on Monday.
(Owh, how I miss my Uni's life so bad)


  1. i miss classes too @__@ it's like, eventhough i hate tonnes of assignments/lectures, yet, i rather face that than this industrial training thingy =__=

  2. huhu.. d only thing i love bout internship is dressy d office attire. *wink*