Friday, August 19, 2016

His 31st Birthday

Think I'm getting better in doing surprise particularly to my husband. Well, based on numbers of failure record to surprise him, guess this time - I nailed it! hehe

So, he's been asking me to accompany him to 'uptown' to find new sunglass for quite some time. But due to time constraint, we couldn't be able to go and he has to still wearing his 'pasar malam' one. 

And that's how the idea of 'what to buy for his birthday' came out. 

I wanted to buy it online (hoping that I would get a better price) but considering the risk of its condition and quality, I've changed my mind. 

I knew that my husband loves Oakley but never knew that they have so many types of it - Frogskins the only type I know. hahaha

Bought it a month before his birthday and the safe place that I could think to keep it, is in my handbag. Alhamdulillah, selamat dan tak kantoi selama sebulan dalam handbag tu. Tehee!

Traditionally, what makes my surprise come to naught is because of the birthday cake. 

So, this time I decided to give the birthday cake during our short vacation - it's a weekend getaway cum his birthday treat. 

I've made special request while made online hotel booking. I also have called the hotel a day before we arrive to ensure that they are aware and prepare things that I've requested. 

However, when I check with the front desk while check-in, they said they were not informed about it. sigh. 

But thank God they were kind enough to prepare it in the very last minute. 

Alhamdulillah, all's well that ends well. I'm so happy to see his smile and the taste of success to finally surprise him is the best feeling ever! =D