Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mr. Charles & Keith

My birthday was on last May 3.  
I didn't really expect any surprises from husband but yeah, since it's the 4th year celebrating my birthday with him, 
I can tell you his gift is so predictable; 
Charles & Keith.

Here's why --



Hence, despite 'Incik Pensyarah', he definitely will be remembered as 'Mr. Charles & Keith' for a long time in my life. 
And let's just wait and see for next year either it will be another Charles & Keith handbag or what? 

Dear Incik Penysarah, 
Though the presents are very typical and classic, 
you just always have a knack for choosing the ideal one for me.
Thank you for your generosity, thoughtful and practical gifts.
I love you.

Proud wife 
(Like seriously PROUD)