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Bittersweet Tale of SyuHanith's Big Day: The Preparations

Finally, dapat juga berblog after a looooooooooong time tinggalkan dunia blog. Time constraint guys. I'm sorry. 
So, it's time for me to update a bit on my wedding. Agak basi. Yes, I know. Tapi ok lah sebab later on, I'm the one who's gonna read my pity-old-sentimental-blog nih juga, right? 
Ok, let's start with the preparations. I've posted of my 41 - 42 days-to-go wedding checklist previously and daripada situ memang u guys will see yang most of them dah settled. Cuma benda kecik-kecik je tinggal. My advice to future brides, please do the checklist earlier. Otherwise, you are so going to be a bridezilla. haha (unless you are just the type of "couldn't care less" bride-to-be) ;p
My solemnization day was on August 10, 2013 yang juga merupakan hari raya ke-3. Walaupun cadangan awal nak buat 8.8.13 (raya pertama) tapi dihalang family sebab obviously I'm being ridiculous. Like, "Engko gile hape nak buat kenduri raya perta…