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His Birthday Surprise vs Mine

I was not exposed to birthday surprises in recent years. Hence I didn't expect any this year since Incik Pensyarah said he mightn't be able to celebrate due to his rigorous work schedule. So yeah, it's fine with me. Really.
May 2, 2013: My parents asked me to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. It sounds bizarre to me because they normally DON'T ask me, they TAKE me out for birthday dinner. I have the urge to decline their will because I felt very drowsy. And to stay up till 12 midnight? I really don't think I can afford it. However, as a dutiful daughter, yes, "I'm going!"
I fell asleep on our way to the restaurant and barely open my eyes even when we were sat at the table. And the second, I saw a guy held a cake and walked towards me singing Happy Birthday song. I was like, "OMG, it's him!!" Well then my eyes were wide open. lol
Apparently, Incik Pensyarah was in Langkawi since the day before and he has planned the birthday sur…