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Assalam and haie dolls!!
Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Today is 1st Ramadhan and I hope everything goes well for you guys.
I know I haven't blog for quite some time. I push maself so hard towards working, everyday, every 18 hours. Working is a need, business is my passion. Am doing both in the same day. And it's real tough.  
I have my own goal and problem with me, I just can't stop 'til I reach them. -_-
Mother's Day pown I sempat beli kek with a simple celebration je cos we both are too busy.

And yeah, someone's off the market - Puan Mastura. Sorry madam, you are out of this hot-chicks-club. teheee~

In the midst of my craziness-busy-time, I had a visit from a good friend, Wan. What a surprise! He came all the way from Shah Alam and I'm so touched! Every places we went to; were on him. How sweet! ;)

It was great sunny day until we got up at top of Bukit Mat Chincang by cable car. Funny is, we could only stayed about 15 mins the…