Saturday, January 14, 2012

Traveler again

It is now 1am. in the morning and am still awake to blog this crap (just an excuse to escape from packing my stuff). So yes, am going back to KL today after a long break/holiday in hometown which is almost a month! ngehngehngeh~

This time I'll take a bus going back to KL. No drive, no plane. sigh. Well, I do love bus (sincerely) but to travel alone by bus is never a good idea cos I need to carry all my bags and luggages by myself! No trolley, no check-in bag. I have to admit that anywhere/anytime in my travel, I always bring big luggage and a number of bags.  I got a serious problem when it comes to minimizing the clothe and other personal items. Though the journey is only for 3 days but I might bring super-huge-luggage as if it is for 3 weeks requisition. pfffffft.  

It is not always because of the clothes but sometimes it is because of the additional stuffs which required me to bring extra bags/luggages. 

Contohnya dibawah INI

Cos I always bring more than one handbag.
Konon-konon nk kne matching ngan baju la.

Nak isi handbags jew pown da memerlukan ruang yang banyak. Belom lagi bab kasut, seluar, toiletries, baju (xyah cakapla kan). hadoyai~ And this is one of the reasons why I can be such a lazy-ass to pack my stuff. Malasnya Ya Rabbi, hanya tuhan je yg tahu.. huuuuu~ 

Ada sapa-sapa yg sudi menghulur bantuan 4 kerat? 

Dan bile bercakap pasal bas, there are few items in my must-have list.  Cos there's a diff between travel by plane, car and bus.  Klaw naek kapal terbang or keta, I rilex jew.. Tp klaw naek bas, mmg I banyak cekadak sket. *Mungkin disebabkan kondusi bas yg memerlukan perhatian lebih dan jugak imej diri yg perlu dijaga. kahkahkah.  Sila muntah sekarang. =p

So here are the basic things I should have when travel by bus.

1) Book - Has always become my priority to bring wherever I go. 

2) Socks - I might die without those pair of socks. Saya tak pernah percaya pada aircond bas. Kadang-kadang driver bas bertindak kejam dengan membiarkan aircond dibuka pada tahap paling sejuk smpai terasa ke tulang rusuk.  Kejam! >.<

3) iPod - ehem. I should thank Mr. G to give me d iPod. Memang praktikal digunakan demi mengelak dari kebosanan didalam bas terutama sekali pabila terpaksa bertahan untuk lebih 6jam. =_="

4) Lotion - Since aircond bas akan selalu dipasang pada tahap paling rendah/sejuk, maka kulit akan mudah menjadi kering. Oleh itu, losyen memang wajib ada.

5) Panadol (active fast) - Just in case I need them since I have the unpredictable-health-condition. 

6) Shades - Wajib pakai bila tiba masa tidur disiang hari. *kalau malam xperlu sbb lampu da tutup. org x nmpk da. huhu.. 

7) Serum - Demi menjaga kestabilan rambut pabila bangun dari tidur. Memandangkan kepala akan bergerak ke kiri-ke kanan semasa tdo dan akan menghasilkan stail rambut yg unik maka, penggunaan Dove - Moisture Serum amat diperlukan. (^_*)

8) Eclipse - Untuk memastikan nafas sentiasa segar walau berada dalam bas siap tertido selama 6jam.  

Gosh! It's 3am. already!! I should start packing my stuff now. 

Adios amigos! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Siblings' Attitude

Having three brothers which makes me the one and only girl in family doesn't give them a ticket to bully me. Neah, they never have the chance. BUT! They always come off with things that annoyed me. Is it considered as bully as well? Hmmm...

Taking sneak picture

And the person who's responsible for any candid pictures taken is always my younger brother. 
Adik yang mana satu? 

Yang di bawah nie.

Also known as Bang Cik

He will do that innocent a.k.a bajet-comel face when he found guilty. 
And I hate the fact that, IT'S always works. 

Photos deface
It is really hard to take my adik's picture alone.  BUT, he always do that 'good' photobombed in any pictures taken without him. Seriously, it is no cute. AT ALL! =_="

And the only one who could behave normal is my Abang. He's the coolest so far. But sometimes, he's out of the circle jugak. huhu.. 

Does he? 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Attention to: Smokers

I found this is so interesting to share *especially with smokers. 
You have to watch this. 

And you still smoking??

Credit to: Blog Serius

Friday, January 6, 2012

One Good Day

Looking at this picture where I could see clearly my eyelashes from side dragging me to the memory in Fullhouse when I had brunch with a good friend there.

I can't believe in the middle of my enthusiasm blabber on about fascinating subjects,  he suddenly touched my eyelashes. And I was like, "What? What-are on my eyelashes?"

He said nothing's there.

I asked him again, "And then why are you touch my eyelashes?"

"Just to ensure whether it's fake or not."


Can u believe that?? 

"They are REAL for God sake!"


p/s: He's insane. lolol

Recent Fave

Am drifting away everytime listen to this song.