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Movie for laugh

Salam and hello angels!!
So, what are u all up to this weekend? Hope you guys having a great time. *wink*
But if you are not so lucky, which having a bad day during weekend, don't be sad aite? Just laugh! Then you will be okay. * tp jgn gelak for no reason lak. pelik owg tgk nti.. LOL
Do u noe yg gelak / ketawa tue is really good for our health? Well it is actually a strong medicine for mind and body. See wat I've got from reliable sources;  Laughter relaxes the whole body: Whenever we laugh, it's actually help to relieves physical tension and stress. Secara tak langsung otot kte relax for up to 45 minutes after. *mungkin berkesan utk awet muda jugak.. =DDLaughter boosts the immune system:  Ble gelak ia dpt mengurangkan hormon stress dan menaikkan sel immune dan antibody melawan penyakit > sekaligus meningkatkan tahap daya ketahanan terhadap penyakit.Laughter triggers the release of endorphins (sejenis kimia semulajadi yg baek dlm badan): Akan membantu badan merasa siha…

Career Talk

Salam and haie pretties.. :))
Hope everyone has a good day, everyday in this Syawal. Me is still in the remnants of Raya holiday. (p/s: sila jeles) tehehee~ =DD  
You must be thinking why am I is still in holiday, aite? Da jd grape(r) aka penganggur setia kah? lolol
Alright, ingat lg x ngan diz ENTRY
Which when I stepped down as a Marketing Executive? 
So, lots of people and friends especially been wondering what's actually I'm doing after stopped working. Cos am totally switching to d hiatus mode in blogging. And "been busy" is the only excuse after all. ngee~
What really happened to me is right after I stepped down (in the same day), I terus start a new work. And it is actually more than work. It calls "do what I love to do."  LMAO 
Okay. Sorry for the puzzle. (^_^)v
Well, I'm helping relative's business, technically. Literally, I'm more like a promoter. kahkahkah. 
Working from 10 to 10 is tiring. And friends who knew wat I'm doing, th…

Eid Mubarak

I can say that almost every year my family will celebrate Raya in my dad's hometown. Raya in Kedah is always awesome where you can see kids playing bunga api n burn fireworks. I love to watch them but to join, neaaaah~ fikir byk kali ogey. Sgt penakut ngan api. (^_^)v
I only arrived in kampung on the eve of Eid with Abang and Uncle's family. Malam tue jugak ble ktowg da smpai Mama Abah ajak g Pekan Rabu beli few things lg.. Blk jew dr shopping, I continue iron baju raya family lak. Since we have lots of people in the house so takut kne queue lak nk iron keesokkan pagi. Akibatnyew, I only got my sleep less than 4 hours. 
On the 1st Syawal, we didn't go beraya as much as years before (me especially just stayed indoor most of the time cos sibok cover tdo yg x ckup. hehe) We went to take a family photo in the morning then parents went to beraya with aunties and uncles. 

p/s:  On the 31st August, we did a surprise birthday party for Mama. Too bad can't upload the picture s…

Holy Month in Cover

Salam everyone.. A bit sad when I can't blog as frequent as before.. I missed to blog during holy month, Ramadhan. So, in that case I nk cover blk! buahahaha.. 
Ogey, I know it's kinda annoying n totally lems! Org da raya I baru nk cter pasal bulan puasa. But who cares?! Nk cter jugak. teheeheee~ =DD
No worries, am not going to let u guys nyampah smpai muntah ijau baca entry lapuk. Juz gonna share some pictures. Fair enough aite? *wink*
Sebulan berpuasa, cuma 2 kali je sempat berbuka ngan old friends n bestie, Aida.. But the best part is when I could spend almost half of a month kt uma.. So, dpt b'buka ngan family terchenta. (^_^)

Few days before Raya, I went out with Aida. Brought her to shop Raya and also had a manicure. She's so happy with her fingernails after mani. Chummel! =DD